Whiskey, Neat, With A Shot of Vulnerability

When Sunday brunch turns into an all-day bar crawl therapy session like the Friday night before, you just go with it.

A Body Without A Soul

I’m ages behind in answering question submissions, so here’s a mind bender for your Friday, along with a personal update about me, my fundraiser, and life in general.

Question from a reader:
“Could you tell me, if the human body carries the soul, how would the human body feel and work without the soul?”

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Some Seriously Raw Emotion

A new week, a new self realization. Eventually I’ll shake it all out. Additionally, I’m giving away 10 free spots in the next round of my dream course – check out the post for details on how one of those can be you!

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Workshopping My Life

Things in my world are still changing rapidly. I’m still learning to let go of the old me, piece by piece. Here’s what’s on the cutting block this week, plus a small request.

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If You’re Feeling Like Shit, Then This Is Your Wakeup Call

My self-destructive tendencies began to rear their ugly heads mid-last week and slowly gain momentum, coming to a head yesterday. Feelings of doubt, uncertainty and unworthiness made themselves abundantly known. Do you think you ever truly get over certain issues, or do you just learn how to cope with them?

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