Egyptian Dream Symbols

Question from a Reader:

“I was around 9 or 10 when I had this dream that felt symbolic in some way, but I have never been able to understand the meaning of it. In my dream, I sat up from lying in my bed. I saw a floating square platform, hovering over me near the end of the bed (I slept at the bottom of bunk beds at the time). The platform looked like a 3D picture of Egypt. I saw a pyramid, yellowish sand, and one palm tree. Also, a small, dark haired child (same age as me) was holding a burning candle. I remember staring at him and leaned closer, my head tilted to the side with curiosity. He smiled at me, then blew the candle out. Then, I woke up! And I was sitting straight up in my bed, facing the direction of where this floating Egypt and boy were.
Any advice or clarity on this dream is greatly appreciated!”

The Other Side

There comes a time in our lives when are brought to the precipice of a great change. We are asked to rise to our own challenges, let go of all of the fears and insecurities that have kept us caged our entire lives, and make a leap into darkness of the unknown. To cross the chasm between our destiny and what we’ve never allowed ourselves to be.

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Daddy Issues

Unless you’ve been in my Facebook group for a while, you’ve probably never heard me talk much about my dad. Today, you get to peek behind the curtain. What you’re going to see isn’t pretty.

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Mysterious Ways

The Universe works in mysterious ways. It presents you with opportunities, but the question is, will you follow them, or will you think yourself out of it?

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This Is The Day You’ve Been Waiting For

Today is the day we’ve been talking about since… well, a really really long time. I can’t help but feel like I’m standing on the precipice of a momentous moment, not only in my own life, but in the history of the world and maybe the universe itself. 

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Finding Your Emotional Mooring

There are days where you feel thoroughly tethered to reality. You’re solid. You’re secure. You’re centered. And then there are days where you feel like you’re floating away, hanging on to the last shred of sanity for dear life. As we enter into the midst of the August eclipses, many of you will find yourselves facing down some of your greatest self-sabotaging patterns in one final showdown. It’s do or die.

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