Psychic in the City

My first uber-uncomfortable subway experience, what happened when I told someone I was a psychic, and other thoughts and feelings on my first week in NYC.


What Does New Paradigm Look Like?

Question from a reader:

“I see a lot of writing and talking about higher vibes happening and I think many of us have this ideal concept of quiet time in nature, yoga, meditation, drumming, etc. Well, I am a little unsure how my like for somewhat violent movies falls into this concept! LOL

I love watching movies and I like the archetypes and genres but anything with violence doesn’t necessarily fit the concept of higher vibe. It’s just an example. I’m sure many people have their different voices for enjoyment that maybe don’t fit into the ideal high vibe set up. Things that some of us still like to do in our downtime after we’re exhausted from clearing our, and raising vibes.

I’m feeling like some of these things are touted, however, I also feel that if something makes someone happy or relaxed – what’s the harm? Yet again, “shadow viewing”, as I can call it, perhaps on one hand is possibly the balance with regards to light and shadow? On the other hand, perhaps “shadow viewing” puts us in a negative state or a fight or flight state which is not caring for loving for our body?

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say. I’m just getting so damn tired of judging myself on this one issue.”

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How Does Love Show Up In The New Paradigm?

As this arrives in your inbox, I’ll have just landed at the airport on my way to my new apartment, and my new life. I suppose it’s an appropriate post for the day, because the day itself marks my transition into my own embodiment of New Paradigm.

Question from a reader:

“With everything going on energetically, there is a lot written about LOVE – higher love, heart lead love, unconditional love, spiritual love, etc…. Yet I am not really feeling the love and I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’m just trying to keep my head above water with all the damn changes going on with getting clear, releasing, releasing, then getting more clear, and then releasing again of course, and so on and so forth.

I totally get the higher vibe love but I don’t know how that is supposed to present it self to some of us. It certainly is not love n’ fluff (or hell, maybe it is), but I believe it has more to do with being in our truth and power. And I may have had some flavors or glimpses of what that feels like but in general I just have no clue.

How does that show up? I am honestly not feeling it and of course that is bothering me. I’m wondering what the heck is wrong. And I appease that thought with the idea that maybe I just need more time……”

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Black Cat Spirit Animal Totem in Dreams

Question from a reader:

“I always dream about a black cat protecting me all the time, and this black cat is very friendly to me and it always come at night in my dream and reveals something that I didn’t know about or I can’t see. Some times it will come and kill a black snake that I didn’t see on my bed – I don’t know what is going on. Can you please help me understand the meaning of this black cat visiting me in my dreams?”

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Psychic Interview with Slade Roberson

Since it’s the first Monday of the month, you’re probably expecting a new interview introducing you to another psychic friend of mine. You won’t be disappointed! Today I’m talking with one of my favorite spiritual bloggers out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Slade Roberson of Shift your Spirits.

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Love & Purpose In The New Paradigm And What It Means For You

A shift is coming that’s going to change the way you live your life. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Is it already changing you? VIDEO: Susan Grace and I discuss what to expect from relationships as we evolve into the new paradigm. Let me know if you’re experiencing any of this in your own life.

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Why Do We Need Boundaries If We Are All One?

Question from a reader:

“If we’re all one, how can we have boundaries? I’ve found that I struggle quite a bit with feeling like I “owe” certain things to the world, and that it is not my “right” to say “no.” I’ve also heard the Universe doesn’t hear “no,” and so it almost seems pointless to draw a line and say, “here’s my boundary.” I know instinctively this isn’t quite right–we should all have the right to say no–but if you have any additional perspective or explanation on this, that would be amazing! I feel like I need to rationalize it somehow but I’m not quite sure how yet. I’ve noticed a trend in my life where I attract some people (friends or otherwise) who violate those boundaries, and who sort of “walk all over me.” And I’m trying to figure out how to stop the cycle.”

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Life Update

Some days you just feel fucked. Fucked up in the head, like you’re the biggest asshole on the planet, and totally alone. I’m not going to lie, most days, lately, I feel like I’ve been hit in the stomach with a baseball bat, yet somehow manage to stay standing. If I didn’t say it in my last blog post, this is the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life, and it feels like I’m totally alone.

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