This Week I Reintegrated A Past Life Soul Fragment

I had a past life memory recall this week and it was by far the most intense metaphysical experience I’ve ever had, and maybe the most epic love story I’ve ever witnessed.

Vulnerability, Intimacy, and Deepening Relationships

Creating deep, meaningful relationships was a major goal of mine when I moved to New York. I picked quite the challenging city for it, but I seem to be figuring it out, and I think what I’m discovering is something that’s needed here, of all places.

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Aligning With Your True Self

I’ve always been fascinated with how accurately (or inaccurately) people perceive me and whether or not I present myself as I actually am. Today I’ve got a little exercise for you to help me find out.

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The Healing Spiral

Healing is not a linear process, but rather, an upward spiral of sorts. You process things cyclically and each time it comes around, you peel back another layer and get closer to your core. That’s certainly been true for me over the last several months, and I do feel like I’m starting to reach the pinnacle of it all. Finally.

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Love Without Limits

This won’t surprise some of you, as you may have guessed it from things I’ve written over the last three or four years, but I’ve never said it outright. It’s something I had to settle into internally, and then slowly, my life shifted to match (as within, so without… you know the drill).

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Baby Steps

I posted this to my Facebook group already, but thought it was worth sharing (and adding to) for the blog. This is going to sound really silly to some of you, I’m sure, but I just reached a really big personal care milestone.

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Life Changes

Life can change in an instant. This time last year, mine looked very different.

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