A New Year, A New You

I’m still alive 🙂 Just popping in for a few 2017 reflections.

Synchronicities and Spiritual Road Signs

Hindsight is always 20/20 and the signs and syncs we receive along the way often make sense further down the road. I’m starting to see how mine are playing out and how trust in the universe is paramount.

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Holistic Spaces Podcast

I did another podcast interview a couple of months ago with Feng Shui expert Anji Cho on her podcast, Holistic Spaces. We talk about fent shui, decorating your space with energetic intentions, using your space to create an ideal environment for dreaming and more!

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Can You Experience Clairaudience If You Are Deaf?

A quick personal update, followed by the most intriguing question submission I’ve ever received!

Question from a reader:

“I’m Jessi and I was born profoundly deaf. Since my empath awakening this year, my ‘Hum’ since 1998 turned into hums, tics, beats patterns and melodies. I recognise a low voice and a childlike song voice. I am pretty sure I heard my name, ‘JESS,’ twice. The childlike keeps singing the same unrecognisable song. Melodies come and go and I need to figure out how to understand them when my brain has never been used for actual listening, as I use sign language. But the Hum and ticking is constant. The sounds I’m hearing is so busy and overlapping. I can decipher layers of different frequencies. Am I hearing the frequencies of earth and orbs, the UFO’s? (I captured thousands of orbs on my camera last night which got me thinking, my yard is FULL of them particularly our peach tree.) Does clairaudiency only apply to actual communications and songs? I do have instinctual conversations in my mind which I try to control, so I know this is different. It’s rather interfering during meditation when I just don’t understand a word!”

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A Body Without A Soul

I’m ages behind in answering question submissions, so here’s a mind bender for your Friday, along with a personal update about me, my fundraiser, and life in general.

Question from a reader:
“Could you tell me, if the human body carries the soul, how would the human body feel and work without the soul?”

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