How To Recognize Communication From Your Spirit Guides

Question from a reader:

“How can I tell the difference between my guides or intuition and my mind? Sometimes I’m thinking and it appears as a thought, but I cannot recognize when it is me and when it is them.”


Feel All The Feels

I posted a blog from Mark Manson in my Facebook group earlier this morning called, “Living in the Age of Outrage.” It’s a great piece that talks about technology and the emotional evolution of human beings, and how perhaps technology is evolving so quickly that we can’t… read more

Dreaming As A Form of Intuition

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to sign up for my dream interpretation course list via my weekly blog digest email – the link was broken. I have, as of today, fixed it and you can sign up to be notified when the course launches by visiting this page. I spent several hours the past few days co… read more

Can Spirits Physically Hurt You?

Question from a reader: “Can spirits actually hurt you physically?” I know there’s a lot of fear-based rhetoric around the web that will tell you otherwise, but no. I do not believe that spirits can hurt you, physically. I don’t even believe in negative entities. I have a l… read more

Can You Ever Ask Too Much Of Your Spirit Guides?

Question from a reader: “As I navigate down my spiritual path, I’ll ask for signs to help me through some unclear paths. However, as I continue to navigate a specific aspect of my path, I wonder about the possibility of asking for too many signs. As if asking for signs for the “same t… read more

The Purpose of The Ego

Question from a reader: “I’ve been considering writing a blog for over 5 years. One of the largest questions I ask is: what makes what I have to say so special that warrants a blog. This concern feels like what you describe as the (spiritual) “ego” but I’m also curious… read more

Psychic Interview with Tara Olowoye

Today I continue my monthly series where I interview various psychics and healers and get their perspective about their gifts and advice to others out there looking to develop their abilities with Tara Olowoye, a recent transplant to Watford,UK from Washington, D.C. Interview with Tara Ol… read more

What Clairaudience Is Like

Question from a reader: “How do you know if it’s your loved one talking to you, or your subconscious?” I would say the easiest way to discern between your mind and true clairaudience is the way the communication sounds. In a previous blog post about what it’s like to be psych… read more

Everybody Wants To Be Closer To Free

I‘m struggling a bit to feel inspired to write this week. I’ve gone through a lot over this past year – a lot of loss, a lot of pain, and a lot of self reflection, and true to form, I feel like all of those things that I experienced have driven me to examine myself in ways that I’d be… read more

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