Discerning Between Intuition and Imagination

Question from a reader:

“I was recently informed that I was a medium. I have had around 2-3 dreams that were warnings of sorts, other than that I haven’t had anything else come to me. I want to enhance my gift to be able to help others. I always have enjoyed helping people. I have tried meditation to help myself embrace my gift but I can’t stay focused long enough to concentrate. What would you suggest I do? I would really love to embrace this gift. What are other methods that I can try? Also how can I tell the difference if its just my imagination or it’s a message or someone trying to contact me?”

Depending on where you are located, it might be a good idea to find a local psychic development class to attend (if they are offered where you are). I live in St. Louis and surprisingly, there are quite a few resources here for psychic development.

I’ve written a few articles on psychic development and various things that go along with it, which you can find here. In my post, “Are You Psychic?” I give a list of my psychic development articles, specifically. Have a read through those and you may find some great tips.

I plan to write an entire post about meditation in the near future, perhaps even hold an online class. The thing with meditation is, it can be whatever you want it to be. Walking in the woods is a form of meditation. Being creative can be meditative. Cleaning your house can be meditative. I listened to an entire podcast last night that discussed masturbation as a form of meditation. So don’t get caught up the popular notion of meditation. Any activity that allows you to put your brain into alpha state is what you’re after.

As far as being able to tell the difference between a message and your imagination goes…

When you have a train of thought, you are actively participating in that process. You are thinking about something, which may trigger another thought and then another, but there is a very logical process of association happening between those thoughts.

When you have a thought that drops in completely out of nowhere that doesn’t follow anything you were just thinking or it is in direct response to what you were thinking and addresses you as though it’s coming from someone else, that’s when you know that it’s message. These types of messages often occur when you’re listening, not thinking, or even more so when you’re not even paying any attention at all.

You also have to understand that your belief system is always going to affect your interpretation of what you get. The key is whether or not you can become self-aware enough to recognize that.

A bigger rookie mistake I see a lot of people make, because of what I just mentioned, is not deciphering between a message and their imagination, but rather projecting.

When I talk about projecting, I mean it in the same sense as a psychologist would. A psychic newbie begins receiving messages, but makes the assumption that they are about someone else. For example, a person has a dream about the destruction of a city. Instead of using Jungian dream interpretation basics to understand what that dream meant to them and how it was reflective of their own emotional state, they make the assumption that it’s a message or a warning that an actual city is going to be destroyed or that something bad is going to happen in this city, and they make a prediction (which then never comes true).

I’ve even seen people post these kinds of warnings to groups of 3,000+ people and then of course people get scared and chaos ensues… and then nothing happens. Messages are often symbolic, not literal.

The whole reason you are here having this human experience is for the purpose of your own experience. So until you’ve developed your senses enough to trust your own gut feeling, always assume that the message is about you, first. If it’s absolutely for someone else, you will feel it pretty clearly.

The biggest piece of advice I give to people who are just beginning to is to allow their abilities to develop naturally rather than attempting to force it. When I was practicing, I found that when I really tried, I was completely blocked. But when I quite trying to make it happen, I finally started to LET it happen. It’s also a lot less stressful. 🙂

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