Are You Psychic?

Question from a reader:

“Before my great nan died, whenever the phone rang early in the morning every time I was with my dad my stomach dropped. The last Christmas we had with her, I asked my cousin do you think this will be our last Christmas with nan? And he said no, but I said yes it will be. Then the day she died I was at my dad’s house and the phone rang early in the morning. Somehow I knew. I’m still confused how I was going to find out. Does this mean I have a little bit of a physic ability or just a one timer sixth sense?”

Good news. Everybody has psychic abilities! Including you. 🙂 Some people are just more tapped into it than others.

When you have a premonition, of sorts, this is what we call precognition.

Those abilities can be recognized and developed with a little patience and hard work.

I’ve written a few blog posts on psychic development and other topics pertaining to psychics that you might find helpful:




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