How to Contact Your Spirit Guides: Part 2

Last week I wrote the first post in this series on attitude’s role in how to contact your spirit guides. This week, we’re going to talk about tactics.

My previous post on how to recognize your intuition will be very helpful here, because as I mentioned in last week’s post, you’re already connected to your guides. You always have been. They’re really just aspects of your own consciousness.

You’ve been guided all along, you just haven’t fully recognized it. 

So the question you’ve probably got is, “How do I start communicating with my spirit guides on a conscious level?”

There’s several ways you can go about connecting and communicating with your spirit guides.

1) Contacting Your Spirit Guides In Your Dreams

This is probably the easiest and most common way. Simply state your intent before you go to sleep, and then record your dreams the next morning. Pay attention to symbolism because dreams are not always straightforward. You can use a dream dictionary like to look up the meaning behind certain symbols.

Learn more about dream interpretation.

2) Meditation

Obviously meditation is another go-to for those who want to connect with their spirit guides. I could probably, again, write an entire post dedicated to using meditation in this fashion. Maybe I will in the near future.

There are guided meditations on Youtube that are written specifically to help you meet your guides. Here’s just one:

If her voice doesn’t resonate with you, search through a few videos until you find one that does.

Learn more about meditation for beginners.

3) Synchronicity

One of the most common ways that guides communicate with you that most people simply ignore is through synchronicity, otherwise known as “strange coincidence.”

If you notice repeating patterns – numbers, names, words, phrases animals – it’s usually a way of getting your attention. If you’re noticing it (without looking for it) and it seems to be sticking out to you, then it’s most likely a sign.

Learn more about synchronicity.

Got any other techniques to add? Let me know in the comments!

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