My name is Ashley – many people close to me
just call me Ash – and you’re in My Sacred Space. I work with clients
all over the world as an intuitive personal development mentor.

I‘m a “multi-media” psychic intuitive with a very specific skill set – I tap into your energy field to locate various blockages, be it a limited belief about yourself, a traumatic event, a bad relationship that caused a negative view of self – and then I bring that emotional energy forward into your awareness for acknowledgement and hold an energetic space for you to being the healing process.

For more about me and my personal spiritual journey, read my blog post, “How I Got Here” and “Personal FAQs.” I look forward to helping you shift your perspective.


My Intuitive Process

In my intuitive readings, you tell me about your most challenging life situations you wish to focus on, then I use a combination of numerology, dream interpretation, tarot, and long distance energy work to pinpoint what’s hindering you from moving forward. I use a single tarot card and the context of your question as a jumping off point. Where it goes from there is purely based on my intuition.

I’ll show you show you how your emotional energy is affecting current personal situations and relationships, then mentor you on how to work through and release those energies. You already know all of the answers, but sometimes you just need someone to show you the way.

What can you expect from a session with me?

My methods are not purely psychic, nor is it strictly a reading. I spend a lot of time reframing my clients perspectives about their situations and themselves, and train them to focus on the forces within them rather than their perception of the world around them.

Whether you realize it or not, you are the creator of your reality. I will help you discover the limiting beliefs you hold which represent the creative impetus of the situations you find yourself in. When you discover the cause of your greatest life challenges, it puts you on the fast track to healing and subsequently, solving many of the external situations most people look to psychic readings for guidance on.

Want to get a hold of me?


@InMySacredSpace on Instagram

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