Feel All The Feels

I posted a blog from Mark Manson in my Facebook group earlier this morning¬†called, “Living in the Age of Outrage.” It’s a great piece that talks about technology and the emotional evolution of human beings, and how perhaps technology is evolving so quickly that we can’t… read more

Dreaming As A Form of Intuition

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to sign up for my dream interpretation course list via my weekly blog digest email – the link was broken. I have, as of today, fixed it and you can sign up to be notified when the course launches by visiting this page. I spent several hours the past few days co… read more

What Clairaudience Is Like

Question from a reader: “How do you know if it’s your loved one talking to you, or your subconscious?” I would say the easiest way to discern between your mind and true clairaudience is the way the communication sounds. In a previous blog post about what it’s like to be psych… read more

Everybody Wants To Be Closer To Free

I‘m struggling a bit to feel inspired to write this week. I’ve gone through a lot over this past year – a lot of loss, a lot of pain, and a lot of self reflection, and true to form, I feel like all of those things that I experienced have driven me to examine myself in ways that I’d be… read more

How To Win Your Next Political Argument on Facebook

Thanks to these times we live in, I’ve been exposed to an unfettered amount of rage and hate in my Facebook news feed. When I logged onto my account last Sunday, I was bombarded with hatefulness in reaction to the women’s march that occurred the day before. “Ugly fat bitch” a… read more

Things You Never Knew About Me

A few days ago, I quietly launched a new service on my website – a personal development mentorship program where you can work with me, one on one, over the course of 5 sessions to uncover the things that are holding you back, put together a strategic plan for working through those issues, and lear… read more

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