Feel All The Feels

I posted a blog from Mark Manson in my Facebook group earlier this morning called, “Living in the Age of Outrage.” It’s a great piece that talks about technology and the emotional evolution of human beings, and how perhaps technology is evolving so quickly that we can’t keep up with the level of maturity required to deal with the onslaught of information.

I’ve talked about a lot of the things he touches on in his piece in previous blog posts here. One of the arguments he makes is that perhaps human beings simply aren’t equipped with the psychological capacity to handle the advancement of said technology.

“What if dumping infinite information onto humanity, rather than enlightening it, just accentuates its worst instincts?”

I know I’ve seen an ever-increasing level of criticism people who are deemed “snowflakes” and are too sensitive to handle disagreement, opposing views, or anything they find offensive. Most people’s first inclination, including the author of the first article I mentioned, is to suggest that perhaps people should desensitize themselves.

On the other hand, I’ve always thought that the sudden emergence of “sensitive” people, particularly in the millennial generation, is actually a good thing. This world we live in is in the state that it’s in because we, as a species, have numbed our emotions for so long. Getting in touch with those emotions is something that needs to happen.

What we are seeing right now, I believe, is the beginning of that. But, just as was mentioned in the blog post, we have to evolve to be able to handle it.

By all means, feel all the feels – but react in a balanced, measured way that uses equal amounts of logic and emotion. 

What’s occurring now is the beginning and so we’re allowing ourselves to feel, but we’re unable to handle it constructively. What is needed is more experience and certainly, more emotional intelligence. But how can you expect a species that hasn’t allowed itself to feel for thousands of years to suddenly become emotionally mature? You can’t. It has to be learned. And that’s what we’re up to, collectively, at this time in history.

So, that begs the question – how are you contributing to that?

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