Healing Grief and Loss

Question from a reader: "My question is, I have miscarried three babies years ago & don't know how to heal my heart regarding this great loss?" reif and loss are the most difficult emotions to deal with, in my opinion. We all grieve differently...

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Discerning Between Your Head and Your Heart

Question from a reader: “I’m a paralegal in a high-paying job which demands long hours and lots of concentration. And as much as I like connecting the dots and solving puzzles, most of the time I hate the fact that it keeps me from my family and things that I love. So I’m stuck, I feel l… read more

Finding Your Spiritual Path

Question from a reader: “I have been on a journey of trying to figure out my spiritual path and I’m so confused on how to figure out what it is. Can you give me any insight into how to do this?” I find that when people¬†ask, “What’s my spiritual path?” or, “W… read more

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