Recognizing and Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns

Recognizing and Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns

Recognizing and Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns

Question from a reader:

If we meet our partners as a way to see ourselves through them and learn, how is it that you break up with someone because you don’t feel like being with them anymore?

Of course there are still things I haven’t learned so I am going to meet another person that is still going to teach me what the other person couldn’t. Should I keep trying to learn things from the first person? Why do they seem to always appear again? Does that mean something?

All relationships reflect back to us parts of ourselves. Sometimes ugly parts. Sometimes beautiful parts. Sometimes it brings out aspects of yourself you never knew existed. They’re all opportunities to know ourselves a little more, reflected through another.

Some relationships – karmic ones – are meant to give you very specific experiences that you’ve been working to heal through across lifetimes with that same soul. Others are just reflecting back to you patterns that were created in this lifetime.

You’ll always know a karmic relationship, because it’s not something you’re going to be able to shake easily. The allure will be irresistible. The chemistry palpable. It’ll be really, really good, or really, really bad. There’s no in between, you’re going to have strong emotions in one direction or the other – maybe even both.

Karmic Patterns

With karmic relationships, we often attract partners who feed our imbalances. For example, a person with a history of codependent care-taking will be drawn to partners who “need” them in some way. For men, it’s typically partners who require financial support or otherwise look to them as someone who can provide. For women, it’s often wounded men. The allure of the relationship is that, at least initially, it feels good to give. It validates a need within both partners – for the caretaker, the need to feel needed. For the one being taken care of, the filling of the void.

Eventually, the caretakers often give more than they receive in the relationship and end up feeling drained and resentful of their less capable partners. This pattern plays out over and over until one or both parties recognizes that their habits are not the result of love, but rather, a lack of self-love and seeking validation from an outside source.

Sometimes you break up because you learn all the lessons that relationship has to offer you – you recognize your karmic patterns and step into your true power. Sometimes you break up because one of you outgrows the lesson and one of you doesn’t, and needs to keep repeating it. Another person will come along to fill that role while you move on to something new and your partner remains trapped in a karmic feedback loop with the universe serving them the same shit sandwich they ate the day before, repeating the same mistakes over and over with a new person who holds the same fundamental energetic framework as the last person, but with a pretty new face and storyline.

Breaking The Repetition 

Becoming aware of your patterns is one thing – actively working to maintain that awareness in any given situation, understand what it’s showing you about yourself, and healing that is wholly another.

The biggest mistake I often see people make is thinking that simply because they became aware of the pattern that they won’t repeat it, or that they can somehow work through that pattern while maintaining a relationship with another person who is reflective of it.

The reality of the situation is that either both of you choose to grow, or you go your separate ways. There’s no in between, and the longer you cling to the attachment, the more suffering it creates. Eventually the universe bulldozes obstacles out of your life, one way or another.

Never stick around in a stagnant relationship. You’re going to know, in your heart, when it’s time to go. The tricky part is that sometimes “leaving” is a part of our pattern and we do it because we fear intimacy or commitment, or some other aspect of the relationship. Other times, clinging to it is part of our pattern. In either case, it’s going to keep happening again and again until you confront it and choose something different. Same story, different character.

The Universe is likes to give us little tests to see if we’re really committed to ourselves, our healing, and are ready to move forward. Will you slip back into old patterns? Or will you choose something different?

This Week I Reintegrated A Past Life Soul Fragment

This Week I Reintegrated A Past Life Soul Fragment

This Week I Reintegrated A Past Life Soul Fragment

It’s been an intriguing and emotionally intense week for me. I haven’t written about anything terribly metaphysical in nature in quite some time, but then again, I haven’t had a lot of terribly metaphysical experiences lately… until this past Monday.

I’ve gotten in the daily habit of doing very lengthy meditations the past few weeks, typically an hour to and hour and a half. And as I’ve mentioned in the past here and there, I’ve also been using marijuana to facilitate a more open energetic state. I don’t necessarily need it, but it does get me into alpha state much more quickly and I can reach a pretty deep state of meditation.

I never meditate without intention. It’s not the “clear your mind” sort of goal. I meditate for the expressed purpose of seeking psychic information and to gain understanding around whatever is going on in my life at the moment, and my meditations are never disappointing.

On Monday, I was meditating about something else entirely when I tripped over a past-life land mine. It was shown to me for a reason – it’s very deeply connected to the root of the thing I was meditating on.

I’ve seen and dreamed about dozens of my past lives, and I’ve even done a past life regression with a professional hypnotherapist, but this experience was so much more vivid than any of them. It’s what I expected a past life regression to be like. I experienced the emotion of it like I was there. It felt like a real memory, like it just happened yesterday. In the grand scheme of linear time, I suppose it was like it was yesterday. The life immediately preceding this one, chronologically speaking – World War II.

I was a woman, maybe the same age as I am now or younger, and I was with a man that I loved. I’m talking Nicholas Sparks novel level love. He joined the army at some point and left for Europe. We wrote letters to each other while he was away. He was a Steve Rogers-type who wanted to save the world – I felt a strong sense of nostalgia as that thought surfaced – and that’s what he set off to do…but he never came home.

He died in the war, and she died inside. The horror that he saw there, it broke him into a million pieces. He didn’t want to come home to her like that…but she didn’t know.

Then I saw him standing in front of me in his uniform, and for a moment, I was her. It felt like I was looking at someone who’d been raised from the dead, and all of the grief and the loss and despair welled up inside me and mixed with happiness and love, and I cried for two and a half hours. I went to bed and woke up the next morning and cried some more.

His soul was with her for the rest of her life after he died. She just didn’t know. It’s still with her now.

The weight of it got to me. I started thinking about the war in general and the energetic scar it’s left on earth. Eighty five million people died. Eighty five million. Imagine the weight of the collective grief of the wives, children, friends, mothers and fathers of 85 million dead, combined with the violence and trauma of all of those deaths, and the trauma carried by the survivors.

It’s so heavy. And it wasn’t that long ago. That’s how the emotional energy of the whole experience felt – like it was just under the surface of my skin, like I was still there, feeling it. It was so powerful and so heavy that I had to call in sick to work the next day. I couldn’t stop crying. Not just a sort of weepy tear here and there..full on gut-wrenching sobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if my neighbors could hear me.

Over the next few days, it felt like she was still with me – inside me, as though I had absorbed the frame of mind and emotions of another person. I could see her, seeing him. He was tall and a bit lanky, with dark wavy hair and brown eyes. She was petite with short, reddish brown hair and green eyes – like mine now. I could feel how they felt about one another. They loved each other so much, in such a beautiful way, and they were so happy together. I could feel the way he looked at her and the overwhelming adoration, love, and affection. She was his everything. He was her everything. I could feel her thoughts. I could feel her despair over the loss of him.

She never recovered. She lived the rest of her life – maybe another 20-30 years – lonely with a broken heart, partly because her heart with still with him, and partly because she was too afraid to give it to someone else for fear of feeling that loss all over again. She died in her fifties or sixties.

Soul Fragmentation

I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so I consulted with a few different people to try to get some perspective, mostly because I needed to be a functioning human being again! The general consensus seems to be that I was processing the reintegration of a soul fragment from a past life.

Soul fragments occur during times of extreme trauma. There’s a lot of varying info out there on it from a shamanic perspective, but my personal take is that when a soul experiences unprocessed trauma and the person passes away, the heaviest pieces of that energy stay earthbound, in a sense, thus “fragmenting” the energy from the higher self. It’s never disconnected, but it remains unintegrated and unresolved. Living people might experience these fragments as ghosts and hauntings.

When the soul reincarnates into another lifetime and is attempting to work through similar energetic patterns, they may experience what I’ve been speaking about but without knowing where it’s coming from or why. I believe this is what a lot of psychics and healers label as “entity attachments.” In many instances, these things are viewed as negative and scary, like some rando spirit is out to suck the life out of you. But when you realize they’re actually an aspect of self from a traumatized past life that’s attempting to be integrated and healed, it’s a lot less sensational, and a lot less scary.

So As It Turns Out, I’m A Human Horcrux…

I continued to meditate and work on releasing the emotional energy from that life throughout the week and there were some interesting additional developments. It appeared as though both souls involved here were fragmented. The trauma he experienced in the war was so heavy that it broke off into many heavy fragments. It seems as though the higher self chose to reincarnate in the next lifetime (this time period) and attempt to work through that trauma in a different way.

One fragment, however, remained with her. I don’t know the rhyme or reason behind it, only that somehow it was with her. It felt a bit like she was hanging onto the good part of him as way to counteract her own pain. Since that fragment was never integrated, it stayed with her, and subsequently, with me, but I had no way of knowing that until I became aware of that life.

With that knowledge, I did a meditation to release and return that fragment to it’s rightful owner. I assumed that there would be more release and processing involved afterward. Think of that fragment as being a blockage, like a cork in a bottle. Nothing can get out until it’s removed. So any unhealed trauma that she had related to that attachment would have to be processed as well.

Even the next day, I was still very connected to the grief and sadness, so it seemed as though there was still work to be done, and that work seemed to be around forgiveness. Forgiveness toward him for leaving, forgiveness for self for being angry about it, and forgiveness for himself for the things he did while he was at war. With that in mind, my next meditation revolved around healing and releasing that heaviness. I started crying instantly. I cried again the next morning and true to fashion, that raw, drained feeling you have after a long cry stuck with me until about 3:00 that afternoon.

Soul Retrieval

As I was discussing the situation with a friend earlier that morning, I said, “I keep getting stuck there, in that time, with those feelings. I keep trying to remind myself that he’s not dead.” For whatever reason, that triggered something and an intuitive light bulb went off in my head. I’d given back one soul fragment – the most important one, the one that felt like his heart and all that was good and loving in him. That was her memory of him and it was what she’d been hanging onto all this time – but there were more, and he wouldn’t be complete or able to heal until they’d all been returned. In essence, we had to bring him back from the dead, spiritually speaking.

Soul retrieval is a common shamanic practice which typically involves the shaman going into a deep meditation to retrieve the soul fragment from spirit world, bringing it back to the individual and returning the essence to it’s proper place.

I’d never done this before or even thought much about it, but then again, I’d never done distance healing before, either, and the results were prolific on all occasions, so I’m pretty much down for anything at this point. It all boils down to ritual and intention in the end.

So Friday night, my new spirit passenger and I settled in for a long meditation and a single mission: to find and return the missing pieces of her beau and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. No need for all the kings horses or men, as I’m pretty sure they’re the ones that got us into this mess in the first place. Former selfie and I were Thelma and Louiseing this shit from here on out.

I smoked a bit and settled in for yet another hour and a half meditation, invited home girl step in and off we went to find the love of her life. I’ve done this enough now to know how to just sit back and observe the visuals that come forward. You let them lead you instead of trying to force it to go where you want. Visually, I saw what looked like hundreds of shards of glass from a broken mirror pulling together to create a human visage. Slowly, that visage shifted into an image of him, and once again, I was her, looking through her eyes at him and feeling what she felt. There was so much relief, so much love. I started crying again. It was a homecoming, and that’s how it felt. She was his home. He was hers.

And as I saw this and felt this, a song popped into my head:

Hozier – Work Song
Boys workin’ on empty
Is that the kind’a way to face the burning heat?
I just think about my baby
I’m so full of love I could barely eat
There’s nothing sweeter than my baby
I’d never want once from the cherry tree
‘Cause my baby’s sweet as can be
She give me toothaches just from kissin’ me

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

Boys when my baby found me
I was three days on a drunken sin
I woke with her walls around me
Nothin’ in her room but an empty crib
And I was burnin’ up a fever
I didn’t care much how long I lived
But I swear I thought I dreamed her
She never asked me once about the wrong I did

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

My baby never fret none
About what my hands and my body done
If the lord don’t forgive me
I’d still have my baby and my babe would have me
When I was kissing on my baby
And she put her love down soft and sweet
In the lowland plot I was free
Heaven and hell were words to me

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

When my time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her

Messages through songs are common to me. I typically wake up with a song in my head most days. Sometimes songs I’ve never heard before, and sometimes songs that don’t exist. This one, as many of them are, was perfect.

I saw her look at me and say, “Thank you.” It was so emotional, but in such a good way this time.

I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I think it’s highly possible that this life is where my abandonment issues stem from. The sudden death of the love of your life can create a lot of loneliness and resentment, particularly when he chooses, of his own volition, to leave you and run head long into a situation that promises a high likelihood of death. I can’t imagine the kind of fear and anxiety she lived with for however long he was gone, the relief she must have felt each time she received a new letter from him, or the sinking feeling of impending doom when they stopped coming. But the other thing that he showed me which she didn’t know, was that he didn’t just go to war to save the world. He went to war to save her. He was afraid of what would happen if and when the war came knocking on their doorstep, and rather than watch it lay waste to all that he loved, he chose to do all that was humanly possible to protect it. He sacrificed his own humanity, and ultimately, his life for it. That was his frame of mind.

And it’s funny, because as I’m writing this last bit, “I Bet My Life” by Imagine Dragons is playing. Check out the lyrics by clicking on the link. They’re fitting.

Goddamnit. I’m crying again.

Karma and Effect

Karma and Effect

Karma and Effect

Ifinally got my 23 and Me DNA test results back last week! There was some surprises. My grandmother had always said we were Irish, English, Native American and German. My maiden name is German and I know there are a lot of people with the same last name living in France, today. According to my DNA test, I am 100% European. 37% English/Irish, 27% French/German, 3% Scandinavian and 2% “broadly Southern European”. I guess that’s where I get my summer tan from. 😉 No Native American what-so-ever, and zero – literally ZERO – anything else.

Onto today’s topic: Karma.

I’ve written about the concept of Karma only one other time and in that post, I explain why I don’t believe in the traditional idea of it and also why focusing on releasing karma is counter-productive to the cause. I do, however, believe that religious ideas and beliefs like these are rooted in very real things, so today I’m going to talk about what Karma is, from my viewpoint.

Many people define Karma this way:

The idea that we have energetic debts that we create with our behavior here on earth that we need to work off with good deeds and what not in order to stop the cycle of reincarnation.

Rather than thinking of Karma as some independent force in the universe meting out justice, I tend to look at Karma as the energetic trail we leave behind us which is neither good nor bad, simply cause and effect.  Our actions, however big or small, will contributes to the global energy as a whole.

Think about the societal structures we have in place today – cultures, religions, social systems, governments and so many other things are responsible for what we think and believe today as well as how we act. But people in the past are the ones who created these things, and so these systems are reflections of them and their beliefs. It’s this never ending cycle of influence and feedback.

You might think of this feedback loop as “Karma.”

When souls incarnate here, they forget what they really are, and that forgetting is what gets them stuck in “karma.” The forgetting is what allows you to sort of be programmed by society, and until you figure out how to unprogram yourself, you’re sort of at the mercy of others. You believe what everyone has told you that you should believe and you want what everyone has told you that you should want.

As you overcome that programming and begin to shed fear-based beliefs, reintegrate love, etc., you ‘get rid of karma,’ because you’re no longer holding onto negative beliefs and energy. In that sense, Karma still isn’t a universal justice system. It’s just spiritual evolution.

It’s balanced because you first experience the negative, and then you evolve to the positive – and as such, it balances itself.

So don’t worry too much about working out Karma. It has a way of naturally presenting itself for resolution when you’re truly focusing on becoming more aware of yourself

How Past Lives Affect Our Current Life

How Past Lives Affect Our Current Life

How Past Lives Affect Our Current Life

Question from a reader:

“Can your past lives create havoc on the life you are currently living? Does regression therapy help? If you feel completely and entirely unbalanced and you have this guy feeling it has something to do with a past life or something along those lines, do you have any solid advice? Thank you!”

Your past lives (and future lives, for that matter) are intimately connected with your current life.

In order to gain a better understanding of this, we first have to realize that while our lives appear to be occurring in a linear sequence from our perspective here on earth, they, in fact, exist outside of the confines of “time.”

I’ve explained this in several of my previous posts:

This completely changes the way we look at the effects of “past” lives.

If you’re assuming that reincarnation is linear, then it presumes that past lives influence this one, but future lives do not because from your perspective within time, they haven’t “happened” yet. Assuming that reincarnation is a linear process also creates a belief that your actions in this current life do not affect your previous life.

When you view your incarnations as something that exist simultaneously, it becomes easier to understand how all of your lives are tied together and hold an energetic influence over one another.


Additionally, the notion that we are here to resolve something that occurred in a past life becomes irrelevant, since the past exists right alongside the present. This allows us to come to a fuller understanding that while we experience these things in a linear, cause/effect manner, the purpose of them is not the end result (a resolution) but rather the experience of the process itself. In other words – life is about the journey, not the destination.

Now that we’ve established a better context of how our other incarnations really work in relation to this life, let’s look at the main points of your question.

Can past lives create havoc on the one you’re in? Firstly, the notion of ‘creating havoc’ is a bit of a human judgement. While your “past” (and future) lives are intrinsically connected to your current life, energetically, they do not create this life. You do. If you were to look at all of your lives, you might see similar themes and patterns emerge. Your soul set these lives up in this way in order for you to have a specific experience.

I’ll give you an example of my own:

When I was in college, I had a difficult romantic relationship with someone who I now know is a member of my soul group and is someone that I’ve had many past (and future) lives with. I’m aware of several (8-10) of those lives and what occurred in them. When I look at the overarching themes that reoccur over the totality of those lives, it becomes easy to see a clear pattern.

In each of those lives, he leaves me and it’s always for some sense of duty or greater purpose – to become a priest, to join the military, to get involved in politics, etc. The leaving and the relationship itself always triggers a great deal of self-worth issues for me. I’m fairly certain I killed myself in one of those lives or at least considered it, because I was so devastated.

The purpose of all of those lives was for me to experience love – both for myself and for another. I didn’t know or understand what love was, nor did I realize that I didn’t love myself very much until the person I was seeking validation from rejected me, and that set me on a course of deep self-reflection and soul searching.

Another way that past lives can affect us, energetically, is when past life traumas create energetic blockages that carry over into this life. I’ll give you another real life example:

I had a friend who suffered quite a bit from anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, etc. He had great difficulty believing in himself and gave up on his hopes and aspirations very easily, because he didn’t think he was able to carry them forward. Some of what was contributing to that were events in this life and the effects they had on him, but there were also past life traumas that were contributing to it.

We call it an energetic blockage, and that’s what it is, but you also have to realize that our thoughts and beliefs ARE that energy. So some people might tell you, “Oh, this energy blockage is causing you to have these negative thoughts,” but really it’s the negative thoughts that ARE the energy blockage.

So I had my friend do a distance healing session with my friend Tara. There was a dramatic difference in him the next day – it was like this blockage of negative thoughts had been stifling his creativity, and suddenly it was gone and all of these ideas came pouring out. He was in a better place than I had seen him in a long time.

The thing about these kinds of things, though, is that while the trauma from that past life may have been healed, he still had to work on the parts of THIS LIFE that were contributing to it. And if he didn’t do that, he’d end up with re-creating that same negative energy block all over again.

So while a past life regression, life between lives regression, energy healing, or an akashic record reading can absolutely help shed some light on what’s going on, and even help with alleviating some of those immediate issues, they won’t fix the issues in your current life. It’s up to you to do that – but they can make it a little easier for you to go about it.

As I said before, the things that you are experiencing are just as much rooted in this life as they are your concurrent lives – it’s up to you to recognize the pattern, what it is that you are attempting to experience, and then embrace that experience to it’s fullest, learning as much as you can from it and then release it. Sometimes this is a long process. The example I mentioned above occurred over a 13 year period for me, but it was an important life lesson and one that i wouldn’t change, and I am extremely grateful for it.

For more information on figuring out which of these types of regressions or readings is right for you, you can visit my blog post on how to choose a psychic. You can also visit my Recommended Psychics and Healer’s page for people that I’ve used.

What Does A Spirit Guide Do?

What Does A Spirit Guide Do?

What Does A Spirit Guide Do?

Question from a reader:

“Someone recently told me that I had a team full of spirit guides and that some of them are not serving me any purpose, they were hired to help me out in a situation and I’m confused. Is this true? And how do I control it? I also want to know how many past lives I had and how to read my own akashic records?”

Typically, yes – we all have a team of spirit guides working with us. We’ll have a primary guide or two who are with us all of our lives and then we may have other guides who come and go throughout our life time who work to help us with various things that we are experiencing.

To say that a guide was “hired” is a bit strange – that would suggest that the guide in question is only doing the job because they are being compensated in some way and as far as I know, there’s no spiritual currency. 🙂 Guides do what they do as part of their own spiritual growth path. They are here to help you of their own volition, because you asked them to be before you incarnated (I use that term loosely and linearly… as I don’t believe our incarnations are sequential in that way, but rather exist simultaneously).

A handful of my own primary guides are actually the past life identities of people in my own soul group who are incarnate with me now. 

Guides (and spirits in general) are somewhat omnipresent, as it were – they can be in multiple places and with multiple people at once (because time is only a perception that we have here while we’re incarnate), so even if a guide has fulfilled its purpose with you, you may still call on them and communicate and they may still check in from time to time. That doesn’t mean they serve no purpose. A guide that serves no purpose is not a guide at all – the very label we give them of “guide” suggests a purpose, you know what I mean?

Over the years, I’ve seen several instances of people getting upset with their guides and/or blaming their guides for their own failures, etc. which makes me giggle a bit. Talk about an inability to accept personal responsibility… you’ve got to blame it on a non-corporeal being? Furthermore, that an individual with a limited human ego could possibly fully comprehend the role their guides are supposed to take and understand what is considered a success or a failure on a spiritual level MORE SO than their own guides and guardian angels is, well, laughably egoic.

Let’s call a spade a spade. We are given clues as to what we are attempting to experience and accomplish here in this life, but we’ll never know it with 100% certainty or see it with 100% clarity 100% of the time, it would defeat the purpose of being here. So for a person to say that their guides are failing them or not serving their purpose, I ask, “And how do you know?”  If the answer is, “I’m suffering,” or “I’m experiencing something that I don’t like,” well… who is to say that is their fault? Who is to say it’s anyone’s fault? Maybe it’s yours, or maybe it’s something you NEED to experience in order to accomplish what you’ve set out to do here?

Your guides’ job is not to make your life fluffy and enjoyable. Your guides’ job is to guide you through the experiences you’ve chosen on spiritual level – whether or not you are fully conscious of the fact that you chose them. 

I’m not sure why anyone would want or need to control who their guides are and what their jobs are – how would you be able to do that in a way that is beneficial, without knowing exactly what your life plan is? My suggestion would be to trust in your higher-self’s master plan and choice in personnel and use their guidance accordingly. If you feel you want or need help with something specific, go ahead and ask for it.

Ultimately, what you need to remember is that all of your guides, too, are simply aspects of your higher self. They are not something that is separate from you – so whether you choose to view them as separate entities or parts of yourself (and parts of the whole) doesn’t matter – whatever helps you visualize and get the help you need.

As far as how many past lives you had, I’ll refer you to my post from a couple of weeks ago where someone asked the same question. Long story short – the “number” of “past” lives you have is relative and dependent upon which perspective you’re looking at it from. Ultimately, you have no past lives, because all lives that have ever occurred exist simultaneously, and “you” – your ego self, is but one of them. So all of them are “yours” from your spirit’s perspective.

There’s several books out there on how to read Akashic Records as well as some guided meditations on YouTube that you may find helpful. I would add one word of caution – you’ll only be allowed to view what you’re ready to see. If you attempt to look into something that you’re not ready for or that doesn’t serve your greater good, you won’t get much. Same goes with psychic readings. A psychic is only going to be allowed access to as much information as will serve your greater good, and it’s important to keep that in mind as you receive readings that you may feel are vague or confusing – it may be that you’re only allowed to see a small piece of that puzzle because it’s something you need to learn on your own or is still a vital part of what you are currently experiencing.

How Past Lives Affect Our Current Life

How to Know How Many Past Lives You’ve Had

How to Know How Many Past Lives You’ve Had

Question from a reader:

“I wanted to know if I had past lives and if so how many?”

Interesting question to ask. Allow me to bend your mind a little bit…

You want to know if you have past lives and if so, how many. Having a life that occurs in the past assumes a certain linearity in the flow of time itself and it assumes that your lives happen in a linear, chronological order and it assumes that there is a beginning to this time and that there is an end to this time.

All of those assumptions hinge on the existence of time, but, as I’ve covered a few times before – time does not exist. It’s an illusion. 

If you click that link, it will take you to one of my older blog posts explaining why and even link you to a video by theoretical physicist (and my nerd crush) Brian Greene explaining the science behind it.

So what are the implications of that on the concept of incarnation? Effectively what it means is that all of your lives – past, present and future – actually exist in the “now.”  They all exist simultaneously, and instead of thinking of them in terms of where they are in “time” (past/present/future), you could instead think of them in terms of where they are in time/space.

I wrote another post giving a visual example of what simultaneous lives looks like that you can read here.

When you take these things into account, the question of “Have I had a past life and if so, how many?” becomes null and void. Thinking about it in those linear terms may make it easier to grasp, but it also puts a lot of limitations on your expectations about what your soul is capable of.

Another great post I would refer my readers to, after checking out the two linked above, is this one about spirit communication and reincarnation.

Hope this was helpful. If it made your brain hurt, then that’s a good thing – it means we’re stretching your mind. 😉

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