The End of Suffering

How we think about spirituality and how we position spiritual philosophies to the general public matters. Once a specific type of belief takes hold in the collective and becomes popularized, it’s like inserting a piece of code into the human program. It’s just accepted as fact and no one thinks to question it.

One of those assumed facts is this fundamental notion that souls incarnate on earth specifically to experience suffering, that we require suffering to grow, and that our souls make contracts with other souls to abuse and be abused in horrific ways so that we can learn lessons.

These kinds of ideas came into being during a time when people (or specifically to people who) didn’t know anything about physics or the physical nature of the universe, so their ideas of reincarnation and soul contracts were understood through a linear lens. We now know that time is only experienced linearly through human perception, which means the linear view of incarnation is a distortion. That distortion has taken root as a fundamental belief in new age philosophy and gets perpetuated as the idea that we choose abusive experiences, that we have contracts with our abusers. This leads to all kinds of problematic ideas and beliefs, and heavily contributes to spiritual gaslighting, victim shaming, and a lack of personal and social accountability.

Learn more about why soul contracts are problematic.

We’re at a time now where consciousness is expanding and we’re learning more about our physical universe and science and that means that we need to review these old beliefs and recognize that they’re not totally accurate.

New Agers talk about ascension as being about Christ Consciousness returning to earth.

The first thing Jesus did in the time he was living was to start telling the people why the Old Testament is bullshit, and show them a new way. That’s why he was considered a heretic.

We’re in that time again, now. The old ways are dying, and that includes old toxic spiritual beliefs. It’s time to start viewing New Age fundamentalists in the same way we view Christian fundamentalists.

Mainstream spirituality: We choose to incarnate on earth to experience suffering.


My spirituality: We choose to incarnate on earth to facilitate healing. Earth is a shit hole. Our previous incarnations made it this way. We choose to incarnate on it to correct it and help end the suffering. We experience suffering in the process because… Earth is a shit hole. You know that thing that psychics say about people incarnating here and “getting stuck in karma”? That’s what they’re talking about. Falling into the toxic patterns that were crated on earth instead of healing them.

One of these belief systems leaves us open to a purpose and the promise that things can get better, if we do what we came here to do (clear Earth’s karma). The other is just… senseless suffering.

When I present people with the idea that the ways they’ve been thinking about spirituality are toxic, fear-based, and distorted, they immediately push back. They always have. People want to cling to their cages because their cages feel safe and familiar.

To quote my friend Susan, “We are here to usher in the end of suffering.” That doesn’t just mean the physical manifestations of oppression and abuse that we experience in our lives, it means excommunicating it from our philosophies and our belief systems.

You were not born to suffer. You were born in this time, in this place, to create a new world, to heal and thrive.



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