Time Is An Illusion

We often hear channelers and mediums say that there is no time in the afterlife. Some of them even go so far as to say that time doesn’t even exist here on the earth plane, and in reality, reincarnation isn’t even a linear process–all of the incarnations throughout what we perceive as time are happening simultaneously.

So how does time work if time isn’t real? 
This is (mostly) not from a spiritual perspective with the exception of one thing, which is the assumption that your soul is made of light energy. The rest is pure science.

Here’s a fun notion: time is not only nonexistent in the spirit world, it’s nonexistent HERE and NOW. We only perceive it as time.

We have Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (specifically Special Relativity) to thank for this.

Einstein figured out that time is intrinsically linked to space (the distance between two objects kind of space), also known as space time. The big deal about relativity–the reason it’s called relativity–is because time is relative to the observer, who is in a stationary point in space, i.e. you.

The reason it’s hard for people to grasp the idea of all things happening at once, or simultaneously, is because we assume that it’s moving exactly the way we perceive it from that stationary point, playing out like a video in a fluid motion.

All of these things are happening fluidly, but that’s not the best way to look at it. When you look at a movie reel, it’s actually a collection of still frames that are moving quickly enough that they appear to be fluid.

That’s what is meant by everything it happening at once: all of those still frames exist simultaneously.

Think of it like single snapshots or photographs stacked together in chronological order.

Every location in space and every moment in time all exist simultaneously as these still frames. Everything is happening “right now”, always.

Time, as you experience it, is really where you happen to find yourself among those still frames.

It’s which picture you’re in at the moment. It’s a location in space.

But of course, we perceive ourselves as the center of the universe and our perspective isn’t big enough to realize that we’re revolving around the sun, instead of the sun revolving around us. 

Now that you’ve got the bigger picture in your head, let’s add another layer. The closer to the speed of light you are moving, the slower your experience of “time.”

I will refer you to one of my favorite episodes of the Colbert Report for these examples:

If you were to get up and run around the room, your watch would tick off less time than it would if you were just sitting still.

If you were to travel 99.9999999% of the speed of light, you go out into space for six months, you turn around and you come back, you will have aged only one year, but earth will have aged 223,607 years. You’ll have gone a quarter of a million years into the future.

When you actually reach the speed of light, time (or rather your perception of the passage of time, because it’s relative to how fast you are moving) stops.

So your soul, your higher self, whatever you want to label it, is made up of light energy. Light, of course, is moving at the speed of light… because that’s what light does. That’s why, according to spirit, they experience timelessness.

They are able to access each of those still frames–or series of frames–from any time period in any order they choose.

For additional information, check out this full length documentary, The Illusion of Time, staring my physics nerd crush, Brian Greene.

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