Psychics and Spirituality

Why do psychics and mediums say different things and sometimes give conflicting information?

When I first began my spiritual journey, I was encouraged to get into a psychic development class. The class itself was very helpful in helping me recognize my intuition and teaching me how to cultivate it and stop dismissing it as a coincidence.

One of the most helpful things I heard my teacher say that I didn’t fully grasp until that time was, “Just because you are psychic, it doesn’t mean you are spiritual.” 

I think we have a tendency to just assume that simply because a person has the ability to connect with the other side, they must also have a direct line to get all the answers they’ve ever wanted or needed and therefore, they must surely be highly spiritually evolved people.

It’s important to remember that even if someone is intuitive, a channeler, or has some form of psychic abilities, they are also HUMAN.

They’re having a human experience, just like you. They have belief structures that influence their perception of their experience, just like everyone else. They have insecurities just like everyone else, and everything that has ever happened to them in their lives affect how they will receive and interpret the information that they are providing to you. And they, too, are at varying points on their spiritual journeys, just like you, with lessons they want or need to learn and spiritual goals they wanted to achieve.

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That’s why people say that every psychic has a “filter” through which information passes and that information will always be slightly skewed through it’s interpretation when it reaches you – not only because it passed through the psychic’s belief system, but it also passed through YOUR belief system.

That’s why  people also say that no psychic is 100% accurate–because it’s all being filtered through their personal belief system.

It’s also why not everything you hear will resonate with you, especially if your belief system doesn’t align with theirs. The information is passing through a vibrational frequency that may not match yours.

So how can you gauge the accuracy of the information you are receiving? 

First you have to determine what is “accurate.”  Truth, in reality, is relevant to the individual. We believe what we want to believe and some answers are far more simple to interpret (and agree upon) than others.

I believe that the ultimate universal truth is one of unconditional love.

The more distorted that truth becomes, to put it in Law of One terms, the more it slides to the other end of the spectrum, and starts to smell like fear. Our belief systems are, in essence, distortions.

I don’t want to make that sound like a bad thing, because it’s not. That’s part of the human experience and it’s what makes each of us unique, however, some belief systems are more constrictive than others.

Think of your belief system as the proverbial “box.”  The type of belief system you have determines the size and shape of your box, and also how much of that ultimate universal truth will fit into it.

If your belief system is very restrictive, you’re going to have a pretty small box and there’s not much truthiness that will fit in there, you know what I mean? 

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Some of us have much bigger boxes.  Some of us have different shaped boxes. Rectangles. Cubes. Quadrangles. Boxtangles.

Typically, the further down the spiritual path we get, the bigger our box grows. It might even take on a shape that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, but the important thing is that it’s always changing and evolving right along with us.

Intuitives, psychics, mediums, channelers and whatever else you can come up with all have their own box o’ beliefs. Some of those boxes are also bigger than others and allow a little more of that ultimate universal truth in.

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So each time you hear something, you have to take into account what that person’s beliefs are. Once you gauge that, you can more easily determine which parts fit in YOUR box and which ones don’t.

My personal method for determining what is truth is very simple, and it starts with having very clear guidelines.

The Sniff Test

Everything boils down to some form of love or some form of fear. So any time I receive information in a reading, see something posted by a channeler or someone of that nature, regardless of the flowery language that message may come wrapped in, my first question to myself is, “What is my immediate emotional reaction to what I am being told? Does this push me toward love or does this push me toward fear? Do I feel empowered, or do I feel out of control?”

Almost every spiritual teaching in the world (including many religious ones) point toward an ultimate reality of Oneness. They teach that we are all one, that we are all love and that fear is an illusion–the perception that there is an absence of love. In essence, it’s an ignorance of it.

Dualistic belief systems operate off of that illusion. That’s what allows for fear, and it’s rooted in separation consciousness.

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Oneness is thinking outside the box. It’s a letting go of fear-based limitations and a total acceptance for the human experience.

Living in a dualistic belief system, such as what we have here on earth, allows for experience of opposites, contrast, cause and effect. It’s a very useful tool. But you can’t let the box trap you. You’ve got to at least keep the lid open so you can let more truth in. You’ve got to be able to let more love in.

So when you find yourself in the situation of trying to decide whether or not you should believe something that a psychic is telling you, use the sniff test. If you smell fear, then you know that this person is operating within a dualistic belief structure and more than likely, the information they’ve received has been filtered through their own box of beliefs, which may be fear-based.

What you have to decide is how many of those beliefs match your own and if you’re willing to hang onto them, if you’re willing to keep the lid of your box open just in case some more truth wants to drop in, or if you’re willing to throw the box away altogether and just say,

“Fuck it. I choose love.”

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