Why Fear-Based Belief Systems Are Distorted

Question from a reader:

“Ash, I like your posts on Facebook, and just visited your site. Please explain what you mean when you refer to being a “fear-based” psychic.”

This is a really great question topic and I’ve written a lot of material on fear-based beliefs which I’ll link here for your referral.

Essentially what it boils down to is, spirit tells us that love is the foundation of the universe and everything in it is made of love and there is nothing here that is not love. That’s kind of “Rule #1 of the Universe.”

When we incarnate here, though, we forget who we really are (that we are love and that everything is love) and in that forgetfulness, we have the perception that there is a lack of love–that love is scarce. From that perception comes fear and self-doubt, and then we act from a place of fear, scarcity, and self-doubt, thereby creating a world built on fear and scarcity that confirms our inner-feelings of fear, scarcity and self-doubt, and our inner thoughts and feelings are then “manifested” and reflected back to us in the world around us, like a self-fulfilling prophecy both in our personal lives through the relationships we have and the jobs we work and within the society that we live in through the systems of oppression we participate in and are affected by.

Fear-Based Belief Systems

A person lives in a fear-based belief system when they have not yet remembered who they really are and still cling to fearful beliefs and perceptions. Fear-based belief systems are rooted in duality–the concept that there is a polarization of good and evil. They have not yet recognized that the foundation of the Universe is love, and the only thing that makes it appear as fear is their own limited understanding of it.

To be clear, I’m saying that this disconnect from who and what we really are is what has contributed to the society that we live in, which then self-perpetuates those belief systems, manifesting physical systems of oppression and insecurity. The moment that we, as a collective, fully recognize that this scarcity of love is an illusion is the moment we stop acting from that place and we stop oppressing one another and inflicting harm, both on ourselves and each other.

Fear in this context–the fear that we are not good enough, fear of rejection, unworthiness, fear of not doing enough, or being enough–is not real or tangible. It is an idea that exists only in the mind and the only thing that allows it to exist there is the limited understanding of the nature of the self and the universe–that it is all love, and it can never not be love, thus it can never fear, for fear is the absence of love.

If the entire universe and everything in it is founded on love, then there can never be an absence of love. Fear, in this regard is an illusion.

So, that being said, everyone has a belief system and that belief system is essentially how that person perceives and interprets meaning in the world around them. How negative or how positive that perception is will be based on the degree to which that person has come to understand the universal truth that love is all there is.

Do you believe that the Universe wants humanity to thrive and flourish? Or do you believe that the Universe is indifferent? Or do you believe that God wants to punish us? Those are examples of core beliefs and attitudes that shape how we find meaning in our lives.

Do not confuse fear with danger. Danger is very real and tangible. Learn the difference in this post.

You Perceive What You Believe

Every psychic is human, and thus, are subject to that same rules as the rest of us. They all have belief systems, too, and those belief systems affect how they see and interpret psychic information.

You see, the thing is, what you believe in, you create. That is one of the (very few) rules of the Universe. When you live in a fear-based belief system, you see things that you don’t understand as being scary and fearful. You place that fearful belief on those things and then you begin to create them in that fearful image.

Let’s take “evil” spirits, for example. If everything in the universe is love, then there can be no evil, for evil is the absence of love (it’s fear-based). People may do evil things, because they have not yet remembered that they are love, but again, it is only their perception that there is a lack of love which drives them to act in accordance to that belief.

So, perhaps a person with a fear-based belief system comes across an entity that they perceive as negative. They then label this spirit as evil, a demon, etc. and treat it as though it is something to be feared, something that can harm you, etc. And yet all of these thing are beliefs. They BELIEVE it is evil, they BELIEVE it is something to be feared (because they are fearful, themselves) and they BELIEVE it can harm them. And what you believe, you perceive.

But love is all there is. Spirit also tells us that WE ARE ONE. That “evil” spirit, is just an aspect of YOU. You are literally afraid of a part of yourself.

Our Experience Is Not Objective

We often place great faith in our own personal experiences and the experience of others–especially people who we perceive as being in a position of spiritual authority, such as a psychic or channel. If someone who is a psychic experienced it, it must be true, right? If I experienced it, it must be true, right? But what your experience is entirely dependent on what you believe? And any experience that places you in a state of fear is a distortion of universal truth.

Love is the absolute truth. At least, that is MY belief. 🙂 It is what I choose. It is also what every spiritual teacher tells us. Duality–good vs. evil, dark vs. light–is merely an illusion for the benefit of our own spiritual growth and expansion.

Psychics Have Belief Systems, Too

So when you have a psychic reading, or you are reading something from some channeled entity, and what they are telling you places you in a state of fear–if it comes from the belief that there is good and there is evil, that there is dark and there is light, and that these forces are somehow in opposition to one another, battling it out, then you know that it is not coming from a place of oneness.

If it is coming from a dualistic viewpoint, it is coming from a perspective inside the illusion of fear.

If it were coming from a place of oneness, it would tell you that there is NOTHING to fear.

Love is all there is.

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