How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Beliefs

A lot of us have beliefs that we KNOW are stubborn, we just can’t seem to kick them. And a lot have stubborn beliefs that we refuse to acknowledge are stubborn!

First, let’s talk about beliefs. I like the way things are described in The Law of One. Essentially, LOVE is the ultimate absolute truth. Everything that is in existence is some form of love or some distortion of it. Fear-based beliefs are distortions, because fear itself is the ultimate distortion – a perception that there is no love.

How do you evaluate a belief and where it lands on the scale between love and fear?

I ask myself one simple question.

“What is at the root of this? Is it love or is it fear? Is it telling me to love or is it telling me to fear?”

If the answer is fear, it is a distortion. A false reality.

What about those stubborn beliefs that we understand are fear-based but just can’t seem to let them go, or we are AFRAID to let them go? Well, there’s your key word right there. If you are AFRAID to let go of a fear-based belief, because you are AFRAID that it is actually true… well, you’re still running around in fear, aren’t you?

A little logic can be helpful here – find the flaws in logic where there are contradictory beliefs.

All philosophy is built off of one basic cornerstone belief.

The single basic belief of all spiritual teachings is that God is everything in existence, and it is all unconditional love. Every mystic, occultist and religion in the world teaches that we are God and we are the creators of our reality. Relate every belief back to these basic foundational principles and compare them.

How do they measure up? Do they support the foundational principles or are they in contradiction to them?

  • It is a contradiction to believe that you are a manifestation of God, but lack the same ability to create that God has.
  • It is a contradiction to believe that you create your reality and yet think that there are things that happen which you did not create.
  • It is a contradiction to believe in law of attraction – that like attracts like – and then believe that evil seeks you out. There must be something there that is of like vibration for it to be drawn to.
  • It is a contradiction to believe that everything is unconditional love, and yet there is evil in the world which is not love.
  • It is a contradiction to believe that “we are one” and yet also believe that there is anything or anyone “out there” that is separate from you. If we are one, then this perceived evil entity is an aspect of yourself and thus, very much under YOUR control.

Do not confuse FEAR with DANGER.

Fear and danger are not the same thing. Danger is physical and imminent. Fear is an emotion with no basis other than belief (conditioned or unconditioned).

Being afraid to cross a bridge because you fell off of one and nearly drown as a child is conditioned, but many people overcome this fear and go on to learn to swim just fine.

Being afraid when face to face with a hungry mountain lion is a biological reaction and a survival mechanism.

I’m deathly afraid of snakes, and in many cases that can be imminent danger, but I’ve still attempted to conquer that fear by holding them and petting them.

Being afraid of what ifs, possibilities, personal failings and things that are not physical and imminent is where fear goes awry and becomes crippling and debilitating. Fears that have no basis, no foundation in reality – particularly the ultimate reality that is unconditional love.

If you find you have beliefs that fall in that third category, then you know they are unfounded.

It makes no difference to me what you choose to believe, so long as you are conscious that it IS your choice and whatever you believe, you will create. But I can’t imagine that a single person would come to that realization and still choose to live from a fear-based belief system.

But for those who still fear, I will still be here every day reminding you that there is nothing to fear and offering you the opportunity to choose something else – Love. Love is all you are. Love is all there is.

You need not be afraid of anything, and the moment you choose to accept that ultimate reality as YOUR ultimate reality, your world will change.



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  1. This is true 100%. Like Thoreau said, Things don’t change, we change.

    Since accepting love as the basis of my being and living a peaceful and creative life, my world has changed 180 degrees. Every single thing is falling into place. It is wonderful and marvelous.



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