The One Thing You Must Do Before Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Work through your shit. How successful you are at being a psychic hinges entirely on your spiritual development.

Work through your shit.

Such a simple, concise sentence. Just four words. But four words that succinctly state the sum total of your entire existence.

Work. Through. Your. Shit.

Why is that important? Why is working through your shit so imperative to your psychic success? You might be saying, “Well, I don’t plan to do readings so it’s not that big of a deal for me.”

Wrong. This is for you, too. Your intuitive abilities affect the information you receive for yourself.

Clean The Shit Out Of Your Filter

It’s really hard to see clearly when there’s a yucky film on your glasses. It’s really hard to hear someone clearly when there’s a ton of background noise. It’s really hard to talk when you have a sore throat.

All of these things get in the way of your ability to clearly understand and communicate. And your shit–your emotional shit–gets in the way of your ability to communicate with and understand spirit.

That emotional shit is what most people refer to as your ego, or your shadow. It’s not really the entirety of your ego, it’s more like a bunch of thorns stuck inside of it. Or, if you prefer, shit covering the outside of it. So much shit that it starts to block your vision. It blocks your ability to accurately see what is coming to you psychically.

Everyone already has a filter of perception which is created by their beliefs. The last thing you need is more shit getting in the way.

What kind of emotional shit am I talking about?

Your deepest, darkest fears about yourself. Yeah. Those.

How can those get in the way? Let’s look at a few examples.

Your deepest, darkest fear about yourself is that you’re a failure. You can never succeed at anything. That manifests itself as a psychic block. You never get anything from spirit, and what’s worse, you don’t even really try, because what’s the point? You’re just going to hear nothing anyway. Or worse, you listen to the voice in your head and not the one in your heart. You’re not actually hearing spirit, just your own ego, but you’re passing it off as psychic communication to people on the internet, and potentially harming people with the information you’re giving them.

Your deepest, darkest fear about yourself is that you’re unworthy. You don’t belong. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others. So your ego spins all sorts of delusions of grandeur to try and feel better about itself. Maybe you throw on a tough-guy attitude and act like you don’t care what anybody says. Or perhaps, instead, you’re a martyr with a cause. Everything you receive, psychically, is filtered through an ego whose only objective is to feed its starving self.

The next thing you know, you place way too much emphasis on the tiniest communications. You have to, because they make you feel good for once. You’re exaggerating your abilities to feel better about yourself. And you love to tell other people about your experiences because that makes you feel good about yourself, too, especially when they compliment you or ask for your advice.

But it’s still all ego, and it’s only a matter of time before that balloon pops. Spirit will smack you back down to earth eventually. One very famous psychic who arguably got a little too inflated is Sylvia Brown, with some very high profile misreads.

Perhaps your deepest, darkest fear is that you don’t belong, but instead of overcompensating, you seek approval in other ways, by being overly agreeable. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t create conflict. You place no real trust in yourself or your abilities, so you’re constantly taking other people’s word for it instead of what feels right to you. You believe anything any other psychic or channel on the internet says. Some of them fill your head full of toxic ideas that aren’t actually spiritual at all. Other’s attempt to exploit your trust for financial gain, or worse.

Learn about the ways toxic psychics and other spiritual gurus take advantage of people, and how to avoid them.

You doubt yourself and you doubt your abilities. No amount of confirmation or synchronicity is enough, or every single coincidence somehow means something because you clearly can’t find the answers within yourself and you become dependent on receiving psychic readings from those you feel have stronger abilities than you do.

The thing that few psychics and psychic development teachers will tell you is that the more you heal yourself, the more intuitive you’ll become, so if you focus your time and energy on releasing your emotional blockages before spending that time and energy on intuitive development, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone and be ahead of the game.

So work through your shit.

Because your shit doesn’t just affect your ability to be psychic. It affects every aspect of your life. And working through it is part and parcel to your earthly experience as well as your spiritual evolution.

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