8 Instagram Shops You Should Know

It’s always great to find really cool, unique new shops that sell really awesome stuff, especially when they’re upcycled, earth friendly, all natural, charitable or just plain amazeballs. I follow several on Instagram that are to die for and today, I’m sharing them with you, j… read more

My Meditation Room

I‘m so excited to finally have my meditation room finished! What started out as a box under my bed now has an entire space dedicated to it, and all of my metaphysical things – crystals, tarot cards, buddha statue, dream catchers and books – all have a home in a single space instead of… read more

Fourth of July Sparklers for Manifesting

The holiday weekend is coming up. Perhaps you missed the chance at setting some intentions during the strawberry moon on the summer solstice last week – never fear! The 4th of July is here! This was one of my very first posts on IMSS and I like to re-post it around this time to give you a new (and fun)… read more

Buddha Inspired Meditation Spaces

I mentioned that as I go through my old posts and adjust the layout, I might re-publish a few oldies but goodies and hidden gems. I’m a little late for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, but just in time for a Way Back Weekend. This was the very first blog post I wrote on here besides my intro ­… read more

8 Ways To Surround Your Home With Crystal Energy

I LOVE that home decor trends are heading down a very organic route. One of the biggest trends as part of this is using natural stones and crystals in your home decor. As many of us have known for a long time, crystals are awesome for a lot of different things, the least of which is the fact that they’… read more

How to Organically Dye Easter Eggs

I‘ve had quite the surge in new subscribers over the last couple of months, which is very exciting. I’d like to invite all of you to like my Facebook page as well as join our private discussion group so we can all get to know one another! Easter is coming up – or Ostara, dependin… read more

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