Holiday Gift Ideas for the Spiritually Inclined

Maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for the spiritual person in your life, or YOU would like something spiritually related, but you’re just not sure what, yet. Maybe you want to go with a gift that can subtly peak a loved one’s interest in further exploring spiritual concepts. Here’s a few ideas for you to ponder!

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My Meditation Room

I’m so excited to finally have my meditation room finished! What started out as a box under my bed now has an entire space dedicated to it, and all of my metaphysical things – crystals, tarot cards, buddha statue, dream catchers and books – all have a home in a single space instead of being disparately scattered throughout my house.

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Fourth of July Sparklers for Manifesting

The holiday weekend is coming up. Perhaps you missed the chance at setting some intentions during the strawberry moon on the summer solstice last week – never fear! The 4th of July is here! This was one of my very first posts on IMSS and I like to re-post it around this time to give you a new (and fun) idea for an intention ceremony.

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Buddha Inspired Meditation Spaces

I mentioned that as I go through my old posts and adjust the layout, I might re-publish a few oldies but goodies and hidden gems. I’m a little late for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, but just in time for a Way Back Weekend. This was the very first blog post I wrote on here besides my intro đŸ™‚ It also happens to be one of my most pinned posts on Pinterest.

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8 Ways To Surround Your Home With Crystal Energy

I LOVE that home decor trends are heading down a very organic route. One of the biggest trends as part of this is using natural stones and crystals in your home decor. As many of us have known for a long time, crystals are awesome for a lot of different things, the least of which is the fact that they’re pretty. So it’s great that you can now find crystals and natural stones in all sorts of home decor and create ways to incorporate crystals into your home without displaying them as your rock collection đŸ˜‰

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How to Organically Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is coming up – or Ostara, depending on which direction you lean. Either way, we’re marking the earth’s return to life and traditionally, a lot of us like to dye Easter eggs. Using vegetable scraps to dye your easter eggs is a natural, chemical free way to enjoy Easter and have perfectly edible eggs afterward. Not to mention, the color is just so much more spectacular than using food coloring!

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