What Happens During A Past Life Regression

I had my first ever hypnotically-induced past life regression yesterday and it was quite the experience. I have to admit, it was a bit different than what I expected. QHHT regression is a form of past life regression therapy developed by Dolores Cannon.  I’d recently finished reading her book, The Custodians, so I was familiar with her technique and results and wondered what happens during a past life regression.

They say that it’s easier for a person to be regressed when they are already used to going into states of deeper consciousness and relaxing the mind – therefore, meditators have a better shot at having a good past life regression hypnosis session.

In preparation for my own past life regression, I also had my friend Teresa, a certified hypnotist, prep me with a short hypnotic induction earlier in the week.

Physical Responses to Past Life Regression Hypnosis

As it turns out, I apparently have an uncontrollable reaction when it comes to any sort of regressive hypnosis – whether for memories from this life or a past life.  I cry.

The memory doesn’t have to be anything even remotely emotional. In fact, most of them were rather mundane. I cried anyway.

I don’t think my reaction had much to do with any emotions tied to the past life memories themselves, but was rather a result of being connected to the entirety of a life’s emotional energy as a whole. It’s a very large chunk of energy to connect with and process, and as such, my body’s natural reaction was just to shed tears.

During my session, I noticed myself getting very hot. I’d read about others having this reaction in Dolores’ books. I think this was another result of the past life energy that I was connecting with during the session. Afterward, I was light headed.

My past life regression session lasted two hours, and if it had gone much longer, I probably wouldn’t have been able to drive home. I spent the rest of the day recovering from what I refer to as an energy hangover – physically and emotionally exhausted, ungrounded and a slight headache.

This, again, is a result of connecting with such an abundance of strong energy on a prolonged basis. Even though I didn’t feel great for the better part of the day after my session, I slept the most restful sleep I have slept in a very long time and have woken up this morning feeling very refreshed.

The Past Life Regression Hypnotic Experience

Hypnosis isn’t at all what TV makes it out to be. You’re conscious mind – or at least my conscious mind – was present the entire time and was necessary to process the information I was receiving and to be able to interpret it and speak what I was experiencing.

Being intuitive, my past life regression was very much the same as receiving information psychically – relying on what I feel about what I’m seeing to properly interpret the meaning.

I discovered that I’d always had a misconception about what people meant when they said they didn’t remember anything after their hypnosis session. I’d always assumed that meant it was more akin to a blackout – they remember nothing about the experience at all.  In reality – at least for me, it was more of a dream-like state.  When you wake up from the dream, it often fades very quickly and sometimes you can’t remember what it was you were dreaming about. You know you were, you just can’t remember. That’s what it was like.

I think I had always assumed that information through past life regression hypnosis comes from very distinct levels of consciousness, and that one level of consciousness would need to leave and allow another to take over and that difference would be very clear cut and distinct. That’s not what it was like at all.

To describe it is difficult. The best I way I can do so is to say that we are multidimensional beings, and as such, we exist at many different levels at once. During your past life regression hypnosis, you’re inside and somewhat aware of all of those levels simultaneously.  The information you receive comes from different levels of consciousness that are all there and the differences between them are very subtle.

So because the conscious mind is still present and aware, it’s easy for you to wonder if you are making things up or simply saying out loud what you want to hear. You have to have a certain level of trust with yourself and simply “go with it” and see where things lead. Worry about analyzing it later.

What I Learned About My Past Lives In My Regression

Even the phrase, “what I learned about my past lives” is a bit of a misnomer. The odd thing is – while the past lives that I saw were lives that I hadn’t yet known about, I didn’t necessarily learn anything from the details within them that I didn’t already have a sense of. Rather, the whole experience gave me some validation to the things I’d already felt I knew.

To some degree, I expected to see scenes and events from past lives that were having a direct effect on this one.  A very, “Because of this event here, you’ve experienced these events in this life.”  Maybe I’d see a person who is in my life now and see how they wronged me in a past life and then I would understand what was happening in our relationship in this life. But it wasn’t like that.

My past life regression experience was much more symbolic in nature.  I’ll give you an example:

In one life, I saw a scene where I was some sort of peasant living outside of a smaller village somewhere in Europe (England, Ireland – somewhere cool, damp and overcast).  One of the scenes I saw was a somewhat crudely built church made of gray stones. Inside, a priest was talking to a small congregation of 40 or so people.

There was some kind of pestilence or disease spreading throughout the community, or perhaps the weather just hadn’t been good for crops.  The priest was telling the people in the church that it was God’s punishment for their sins.

Those were the details of the life, but I also sensed an overall theme – a time when dogma and fear reigned, people did as they were told, they did not question it, and life was very mundane. Almost like everyone simply went through the motions.

As for me in that life – I didn’t believe in what the priest was saying, but I didn’t speak up about it because I knew that I couldn’t, and the only reason I went to the church with my family was because it was expected.

In another life, I once again saw a church – this one was pristinely built, made of smooth white stones with a beautiful circular window. It was in the center of a much larger, more bustling city in which I lived.  But I didn’t see inside the church.

I was, instead, shown a much happier “me” taking care of small children at some sort of orphanage or school. The overall theme of this life was that it was much happier, brighter, more beautiful, and yet the activities took place outside of the church.

I saw a lot of symbolic meaning and contrast between these two lives – they were  depictive of two types of spirituality.  One that was unhappy and existed within the confines of dogma, the other existed outside of the dogma and was lived through every day life – and was much happier.  I saw the contrast in that symbolism as a larger message for me in general.

As such, it wasn’t really what I learned about the past lives during the regression, it was what the past lives showed me about myself right now. All in all, I think it was a great experience and it did indeed give me a lot of validation about what I felt about my own path, currently.

For more information about past lives, check out my article on how past lives affect our current life, and the additional related articles listed below. To learn how you can identify past life dreams, take my online dream interpretation course.

Have you had a hypnotic regression? What happened during your past life regression? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is exactly how my regression felt. I wanted to know why I had such intense love and lust for Erik. I saw our room, and him on the bed, and the quilt he was lying on. He just looked at me and smiled. What I “knew” without being shown is that we lived in what I had described as a Pinnochio place/time, that there was no electricity, and we were a young couple super duper in love. My eyes, too, just ran like faucets, sometimes due to overwhelming love, other times just cuzzzzzz. I listen to the recording of the session and all those yummy love feelings of that particular moment (of that life, not the session) come flooding back and I can almost smell him. (I am like a sappy teen, I know.) So, I got exactly what I wanted: a place to put those feelings. I too sorta expected more specific knowledge, and I too remember it like remembering a dream. It made me feel more confident about other experiences, that THOSE were real, not my imagination. Thanks for sharing, and for giving me an opportunity to share right back. ♡♡

    • Thanks for commenting! PS – you are officially my first blog commenter… EVER. 😛

  2. I had a regression once and I still feel iffy about it today. Like you said, I felt present and like I knew what was going on outside of me, but I also felt like I was making up everything I was saying or “seeing”. So, I don’t know.

    • It’s easy for the mind and the ego to dismiss those things, but I also recognized the feeling that comes from intuition during the whole experience. I’ve learned (finally…mostly :)) to trust that feeling.

  3. I’ve always had a strong interest in the Holocaust and have made it a goal of mine to go to the Holocaust Museum.. When I did my past life regression, I found out that I was actually a seamstress trying to survive the Holocaust!

    • That’s fantastic! I’m always curious about which interests I have today that I brought in from past lives.

  4. I went and saw a spiritual healer because I couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy and depressed. I had all these negative feelings bottled up inside of me and didn’t know how to release them. Well when I went, she realigned my chakras, and I got a view of a few of my past lives. It was as if I saw them for a split second, but it’s a full memory to me. Does that make sense? I was in a meadow holding a daisy(which happens to be my favorite flower), while standing at a wooden fence with a cow’s face in my hands. I could feel the cow’s wet snout on mine and I was laughing. I could see trees in the distance and our wooden house behind me. Another I was standing naked under a waterfall…a strong woman, bathing. And the third….I actually had a man on top of me…you know….he was very wealthy and we were in a bed chamber of some sort. I was very young and had no life in my eyes. It made me sad. Like I was sold to him or given to him. When I was younger I always had a recurring nightmare of me as a dancer in a yellow outfit. I was in an alleyway between two brick buildings…..being raped by 3 men. The last one killed me by strangling me. I could feel their breath on me. Then I see the cops pulling my body out of a dumpster. The spiritual healer said that was my most recent past life and I keep having dreams about it because it’s so fresh in my memory. I haven’t had that dream again in over 16 years.

    Just wanted to share! Everyone else thinks I’m crazy….but I find this stuff quite interesting.

    • Not crazy at all. Very fascinating!

      I’ve been lucky that most of the lives I’ve seen of myself aren’t too bad – I mean, there’s a lot of emotional fuckery there, for sure, but I’ve never seen myself die in a bad way or anything like that. There was this one time I think I ate a poisonous mushroom. Oops.

  5. I want to have a session to learn about my past lives. I am also VERY interested if any of my past lives have anything to do with my feelings in this life. I am so lost and unsure of life. I hate that feeling. I keep getting drawn back to past life regression and what it might do for me. Thank you for your story! It keeps me motivated to keep searching for someone who can do them. I would really like some advice as to where I should start. I am in an area where this is not accepted very well, aka small town America.

    • Your past lives will definitely have an impact on your feelings in this life. We tend to explore the same patterns throughout lifetimes and many times they invoke the same feelings.

      I highly recommend a Newton certified LBL regression therapist. Just google the Newton Institute and search for a practitioner. You can also try a QHHT regression therapist like the one I went to, you can find them on Delores Cannon’s website.


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