Non-linear Time and Simultaneous Lives

I think one of the hardest metaphysical concepts for people to wrap their mind around is the idea that time is just an illusion. In a previous post, I gave some scientific information to support the concept of timelessness as well as an analogy to try to help put it into perspective.

In this post, I’ll try to simplify that concept into something even more simplistic to give you an idea of how every moment that has ever occurred or will occur exists together outside of time , including your past and future lives, parallel realities, etc.

Think of every single moment, every nanosecond of your life captured in its own polaroid picture. Now think of every moment from every life you’ve ever had also captured, moment by moment, in a polaroid.

Throw them all out on the floor. Line them up chronologically if you want. Organize them by time period if you find that to be helpful.

Do they not all exist simultaneously?

They don’t change. They already are what they are. And they’re all there, existing. The only difference is you, which polaroid you are looking at in that moment–the moment you consider “now”.

You can pick each picture up, a single moment in time, individually and examine it. You can look at several photos at once. Or you can look at the entire layout and see multiple lives sitting on the floor right before your eyes.

The ones you looked at before it, you consider to be in the past, and the ones you haven’t looked at yet, you consider to be in the future, but yet they are all already there, laying on the floor before you. The only thing that is moving is you. And yet, your awareness (your higher self’s awareness) can move freely forward and backward through all of those moments whenever and however it chooses.

To you, from your current personality’s perspective within the polaroid, it appears as “time” in chronological order. But “your” awareness there is just a single pinpoint of awareness among many. It’s a limited perspective.

From your higher self’s perspective in spirit, there is no time.

Now let’s add another layer: let’s assume there are polaroids of what would have happened with every choice you didn’t make as well as the ones you did, and those are also all laying out on the floor, too. You can see that trail of polaroids branch off from one another at each point where you made a decisions.

You can just as easily look through those as you can the ones you did make. Perhaps there is a part of your awareness experiencing them now just as you are experiencing the others…

These would be your parallel lives, which all also exist simultaneously.

Karma is just what people think it is when they look at only part of that picture. When they see it happening from the human perspective, they assume that it happens linearly and it gives the appearance to them that they are “coming back” over and over.

Also, not realizing the parallel realities, they believe they can somehow make mistakes. But all of the possible outcomes are known and quite possibly experienced through parallel lives, so there’s really no such thing as a mistake. Only experience.

That’s why people who experience NDEs might say things like “No need to do anything, just breathe and be,” and other people think they are working their way through and toward some kind of lesson/goal. It’s just coming from two different perspectives. One is seeing the bigger picture, the other a smaller picture.

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