Karma and Effect

Ifinally got my 23 and Me DNA test results back last week! There was some surprises. My grandmother had always said we were Irish, English, Native American and German. My maiden name is German and I know there are a lot of people with the same last name living in France, today. According to my DNA test, I am 100% European. 37% English/Irish, 27% French/German, 3% Scandinavian and 2% “broadly Southern European”. I guess that’s where I get my summer tan from. 😉 No Native American what-so-ever, and zero – literally ZERO – anything else.

Onto today’s topic: Karma.

I’ve written about the concept of Karma only one other time and in that post, I explain why I don’t believe in the traditional idea of it and also why focusing on releasing karma is counter-productive to the cause. I do, however, believe that religious ideas and beliefs like these are rooted in very real things, so today I’m going to talk about what Karma is, from my viewpoint.

Many people define Karma this way:

The idea that we have energetic debts that we create with our behavior here on earth that we need to work off with good deeds in order to stop the cycle of reincarnation


That karma is “getting what we deserve.”

Rather than thinking of Karma as some independent force in the universe meting out justice, I tend to look at Karma as the energetic trail we leave behind us which is a sort of cause and effect. Our actions and their consequences, however big or small, will contributes to the global energy as a whole.

Think about the societal structures we have in place today: cultures, religions, social systems, governments and so many other things are responsible for what we think and believe as well as how we act. But people in the past are the ones who created these things, and so these systems are reflections of them and their beliefs. It’s this never ending cycle of influence and feedback.

You might think of this feedback loop as “Karma.”

When souls incarnate here, they forget what they really are, and that forgetting is what enables them to get stuck in “karma.” The forgetting is what allows you to be programmed by your family and society, and until you figure out how to unprogram yourself, you’re at the mercy of this subconscious programming. You believe what everyone has told you that you should believe and you want what everyone has told you that you should want.

As you overcome that programming and begin to shed fear-based beliefs, heal underlying traumas, reintegrate hidden aspects of yourself, return to love, etc., you “get rid of karma” because you’re no longer holding onto negative beliefs and heavy energy. In that sense, Karma still isn’t a universal justice system. It’s just spiritual evolution.



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