Spirit Communication and Reincarnation

Question from a reader:

“My daughter and I were talking about channeling. She said the thing she didn’t understand was how we can communicate with a particular spirit if they reincarnate. I don’t understand the specifics of how this works. Can you shed light on this?

I like this question! I am, in fact, planning on doing a class at some point in the near future on the mechanics of reincarnation to give people a much larger picture of what this looks like and how it works.

There’s a lot of perceptual fallacies going on here that I hope I can clear up.

Perceptual fallacy #1: Souls are a 1 to 1 ratio.

We tend to think of ourselves–our current incarnation and personality–as a “soul.” And we tend to think of our past lives as other people our souls have been, previously, and we think of this as occurring linearly.

For example: I, Ashley, would die, cross over into the afterlife, decide to reincarnate, leave the afterlife and enter a new body.

This is inaccurate. That’s only what it appears to be when you can’t see the full picture.

I (and you) am merely a tiny pinpoint of awareness within a much larger being: the higher self.

Now here’s the fun part! Your higher self may also have another personality incarnate right now, in this time period, on this earth, in addition to you. So would you consider that person’s soul your soul? Or are you two different souls?

All of the people “you” have ever been in your past (current and future) lives each represents a tiny point of awareness within that larger being. You are all “separate” groupings of energy, or maybe more accurately, different combinations of energy within that higher self. So while those souls are “you” in a much larger sense, they are not you, exactly. You are each unique. I put separate in quotation marks because you are not actually separate, but that’s the appearance.

It might be helpful for you to think of each of those “people” as different souls. Or, imagine a jelly fish as being the higher self, and each tentacle is a different person you’ve been in a past or future life.  All are a part of the whole, but each is its own being.

Perceptual fallacy #2: Time exists linearly.

The biggest thing that you have to understand–and it’s probably also one of the hardest things for people to grasp–is that time as you know it does not exist.

Another reason that people have trouble understanding how someone can reincarnate and still be accessible via the spirit realm is because we process everything as happening sequentially, when in reality, it is all happening in the “now” moment.

All of your incarnations exist right now, as we speak both in spirit (because they are a part of the higher self which always resides there) and in the physical. There’s no need for you to die, cross over, and then come back into another life. Your higher self already exists there right now.

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