Shifting Perspective: How to Love Your Body

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I spent last week on a beach in Hawaii. I don’t know about you, but typically that’s when my self-loathing seems to peak – when I’m constantly comparing my body to that of other people.

This got me thinking about the body in general, and people who believe the body is just a vehicle for the soul. Well… it is. But it’s not just a vehicle. I feel like looking at it as nothing more than a meat suit here to serve your needs while you’re physical is really not giving the body the credit it deserves.

As we know, everything is consciousness. EVERYTHING. And everything has latent consciousness within it, including all inanimate objects.

Our bodies have their own consciousness as well, apart from our spirit.

I once read a blog post from a psychic who believes that our body’s consciousness is actually a part of earth’s consciousness – which makes sense, since they decay and become part of the earth again and it all gets recycled.

There’s several different aspects working together to create this physical experience – the mind, the body (as a consciousness) and also the spirit and they all sort of braid together for this period of time that you are on earth.

I thought a lot last week about people who have the attitude that “Oh, it’s just a body. Whatever.” and how disrespectful that seems. I mean, if it weren’t for our bodies, we wouldn’t be able to HAVE this experience. They give us so much – the ability to feel and experience things like taste and touch and smell, and love, in the physical sense… they give us so much, and why shouldn’t we give love back to them?

I almost look at it like a pet or a child. It’s this thing that is somewhat dependent on you to take care of it and nurture it.

I think about how many times I said, “I hate my body.” and it’s totally shifted the way I think about it.

Because the fact of the matter is, I never really hated my body. I hated me. And I thought my body was a part of “me” and it was an easy target. An outlet for some of that self-hatred.

But looking at it this other way… that it’s not “me” – that it’s this living creature that I’m tasked to care for – I would never tell my cats I hate them! I would never tell my potted plants I hate them (well, except for that ficus tree…).

I now see it as something that is to be cared for, and loved, and when we treat it that way, it will respond in-kind.

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