Why Psychic Abilities Come And Go

Question from a reader:

“My abilities come and go and are very few and far between. I don’t have the ability to sense, I only have the ability to see and hear. Why does it come and go and why is it not consistent?”

This is actually a very common thing, in my experience and with other people I have talked with. I think it has to do with focus.

Most people typically don’t walk around with their chakras wide open on a daily basis. If we did, it would be incredibly distracting. I have made a couple of acquaintances (my friend Jason being one – you can check out his website here) who do have that kind of thing going on and they’ve found it to be incredibly difficult for much of their lives.

For me, when I am focusing on things related to spirituality, my psychic experiences tend to be more frequent. When I’m distracted by other things – work, general muggle stuff – they tend to decrease. On a day-to-day basis, particularly if you’re clairaudient and/or clairvoyant, what will affect your experiences the most is the state of your brain wave activity. When you’re awake and alert, your brain is in beta state and you are least likely to have any psychic experiences. When you meditate or are absently doing some kind of repetitive or monotonous activity where your mind wanders, your brain slips into alpha state and that’s when you’re better able to receive clairaudient and clairvoyant messages. You’ll often notice that the minute you DO notice something, you snap into alertness and things will disappear – it’s because your brain waves change back to beta.

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