Out of Body Experiences

I‘m a little bit surprised that I’ve had this blog for over two years now and I’ve yet to write a post about or even receive a question submission regarding out of body experiences and/or astral projection – thought I know that we’ve discussed it a few times in various groups here and there.

More people have experienced OBEs than you’d ever think, and to be honest, all of you astral project pretty much every single night. You just don’t usually remember it.

Out of body experiences, astral projection and dream walking are, effectively, all the same thing – or at least, they are experiences that occur by the same mechanism: when your consciousness (a.k.a. soul) leaves the body. The difference is that they tend to occur under differing levels of consciousness.

The Typical Out-of-Body Experience

The most commonly talked about experience of OBE is during a near-death or traumatic event. People often report being in operating rooms and looking down on themselves from the ceiling, hearing conversations happening and seeing people doing things when their bodies are completely unconscious and there’s no possible way they could be seeing and hearing the things they talk about.

If you’re interested in learning more about these kinds of experiences, I highly recommend looking into the work of Dr. Raymond Moody, who coined the phrase “Near Death Experience” and has been researching these occurrences for more than 40 years.

I’ve met several people – and even have a close personal friend – who have had such experiences.

The Spontaneous OBE

The other, less common type of OBE is the kind that occurs spontaneously for seemingly no reason what-so-ever. Many people report being in their body one minute and the next minute, they are looking at themselves from the outside. A lot of times, they are so startled by the experience that they pop right back into their body.

One of the first memories I can recall from my entire life is actually one of these spontaneous OBEs – I remember looking at myself from behind and seeing me standing next to my grandmother, holding her hand while talking to someone and holding up my other hand to tell them that I was two years old.

In part 2,  I’ll continue talking about OBEs and how they relate to astral projection and dream walking and share some of my personal experiences with both.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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  1. I had a flying dream, that wasnt like any other dream Id ever had before. I never wanted it to end, and never forgotten the total peace I felt flying. I have a feeling it wasnt just a dream. I was very very sick at the time and on a lot of medicine. It was a turning point of healing for me..

  2. I think I had one when I was younger but not sure. I was on a trip with my parents driving in the middle of nowhere. I was very relaxed and looking out the window. Suddenly, I was looking down at our car driving on the road and looking beyond the landscape. Does this count as a OBE? I can still remember the feeling and what I saw that day.

    • Absolutely!

  3. I had dream when I was little and can remember looking down at my bed like a ceiling view and seeing myself. I had my bedroom door open leading to the hallway and in This “dream” it was also open Shortly after it panned to me looking at a dark figure in the hallway almost as if I went back into my body and saw him then woke up and he was gone. I want to say this happened shortly after my sister past away. I’ve also had a few nights where I’m about to go to sleep but then it feels like someone slapped me in the face or “clapping” which you mentioned in the article and woke up me. I didn’t know what it was and preceded multiple times to check my house thinking someone was there. Any thoughts?


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