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I started this post yesterday morning and began filling in some of my personal stories and quickly realized I had way too many to recount them all in a single post, so I decided to break them into two, but today as I write, it just keeps getting longer, so I suppose I’ll save dream walking for part three. Here’s part two on astral projection!

A lot of people use the terms OBE and astral projection interchangeably, which can be confusing, but to be honest, the two are a little more fluid than you think. As I mentioned yesterday, OBEs typically occur under two types of circumstances – fully conscious or fully unconscious. The common unifying theme between the two is that they occur within this plane of existence. In other words, the soul leaves the body, but it’s still in the same dimension as the body (if you’re wondering what I mean when I say “dimension,” this is a helpful blog post to read [<—click]).

With astral projection, you can also be lucid, or totally unconscious, or somewhere in between but you’re usually not fully in this dimension. What I mean by that is, with an OBE, everything around you looks the same as it does when you’re in your body. With Astral projection, it typically doesn’t, if you’re even “here” at all. I’ll talk more about that in a bit.

“Symptoms” of Astral Projection

Astral projection typically happens at night while you are sleeping and there are all sorts of physical sensations associated with it.

Most people are only aware of the feeling when they return to the body. When you wake up suddenly feeling like you just sunk into your mattress, or have the feeling of falling and your whole body feels tingly. All of these are common feelings associated with returning to the body.

The tingly feeling is also a very common one when you’re about to leave the body. Many times loud noises can be associated with both entering and exiting. I used to wake up hearing a rumbling or a crash and think a shelf had fallen in the middle of the night or that someone had knocked over a garbage can outside, only to discover nothing amiss. Sometimes it would sound like a door slammed or someone standing next to the bed had clapped. I’ve started to associate these sounds with coming back in from astral projection.

I’ve also experienced the rumbling just prior to leaving. My very first fully conscious astral projection occurred in the middle of the night after I had woken up and was laying there trying to fall back to sleep (this is when I have a lot of them, actually – at least that’s when I tend to remember them).

I woke up at 4 a.m. and was laying there with my eyes closed trying to fall back to sleep. I saw a bright flash in my head, kind of like an old school flash bulb camera. Then I heard what sounded like thunder, except it was inside my head. Then I felt a tingling sensation start from the top of my head and flow down my entire body, and as it went, it was like my body fell asleep, but my mind never did.

Suddenly I felt a floating sensation and felt myself going up…up….up. And it was uncontrollable. Then, all of the sudden, I was floating up at the ceiling and looking down at the bed.

Here But Not “Here”

Earlier I mentioned that with astral projection, you may not be fully in this dimension. That mean that you may be able to see what’s here, but it may not look quite the same.

After comparing notes with several other people who have done quite a bit of astral projection, one common thing that more than one person has reported about being “here” but in the astral version of “here” is that often times, the scenery seems to be covered in a black veil. Very small details may be slightly different.

Continuing the story I was telling earlier, I found myself looking down at the bed from the vantage point of the ceiling. It was very dark in the room – darker than usual. After I stopped completely freaking out, I realized that I must be astral projecting and decided to do what everybody who astral projects does… go exploring!

It was Christmas time when this happened and we had the house decorated. I went downstairs and passed one of our trees, which in real life, should have been lit. It was on a timer and set to turn off at five in the morning. But it wasn’t lit. I went into the living room and was about to try to go out the back door.

Given that I was in my astral body, physical objects shouldn’t be an issue. You’d think you would just float right through them – but when I tried going “through” the back door, it felt solid. Then my step-daughter’s alarm clock started going off. I could hear it and in a split second, I was back in my body, upstairs, in bed. I looked at the clock and it was 4:20. Twenty minutes has passed and it felt like less than five. (As an aside, I think the reason I wasn’t able to leave my house was because my guides were keeping me in a safe place in order to see how I would react to that type of situation. Think of it as training. The kind you don’t sign up for. lol)

Moving When Out of Body

When I say I “went downstairs,” what I really mean is that I floated downstairs. I had never done this before – at least not consciously, so I was attempting to move around just as I would if I were walking. Except I moved just by thinking about moving. I thought about moving in increments – going out the bedroom door, into the hall, down the stairs – but if I had simply thought of being downstairs, I would have been there in a split second. It’s as simple as a change in perspective, or like cutting to a new scene in a movie. You think it and you’re there.

You don’t even really have to be all in the same place at the same time, either. In another experience I had while taking an afternoon nap, I felt someone actually come and get me and pull me out of my body. That’s something that I have experienced pretty often, but it’s usually at night and I only remember the first few seconds of being out of body before falling unconscious. This time, it was during the day and I was lucid for every detail.

They – whoever they were, I assume a guide, as I couldn’t see them, just feel them – had me by the wrist and I was being pulled up, up, up… higher and higher. I assume we were traveling to the outer levels of the astral plain.

I ended up in something that was straight out of – well, a dream. It was a floating Japanese dojo in the sky. While I was there – I was actually thinking about being somewhere else. I was thinking about seeing a friend, and I found myself there – actually, I found myself in two other places simultaneously, besides the dojo where I currently was. I was walking with the person I was thinking about outside somewhere where there were mountains, talking, and I was also standing in front of them while they were at work. I could see them sitting at their desk working on a computer, but they couldn’t see me. I touched them on the face, but they didn’t react.

I think that I was in all of these places at the same time, but because our brains process things in linear fashion, they appeared to me more like scenes that were spliced in, and that’s how I experienced them.

Levels of Consciousness

While I was in the dojo, I was very conscious and lucid, but it was different. Typically when you’re lucid in a dream, you become aware that you are dreaming and are able to control the dream – but you’re still “you” for all intents and purposes.

While I was in the dojo, I was totally lucid, but I wasn’t attempting to make things happen. I was still sort of just experiencing it, but I had also lost all thoughts and memories of who I was here on earth. I also didn’t really have a need for control. It’s hard to explain, I guess. It’s just a very different level of consciousness from what you experience while in your body, or while dreaming, or even while lucid dreaming.

When it was time to come back, I found myself descending in a hot air balloon, and then I “woke up” in a bed in a house… very “Dorothy returns from Oz” feeling, except this was part actually was a dream. I was no longer lucid or conscious. Just dreaming. And then I woke up again, but for real this time. It was as if I was coming back down through varying levels of consciousness before fully waking up.

Astral Projection Techniques

If you’re interested in learning astral projection for yourself, there’s a lot of information out there. I was lucky enough to sit through a talk by William Buhlman of the Monroe Institute (where they study astral projection) where he gave us a seminar on some of his own techniques. He’s got lots of books that you can purchase and there’s plenty of information at the Monroe Institute website.

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