Higher And Lower Dimensions

Question from a reader:

“Are there different dimensions on the other side? Lower ones and higher ones? I was under the impression that since like attracts like you go to the dimension you most vibrate with when you cross over. What about souls like Jesus and Mother Marie and Lady Nada etc..are they on a higher dimension than for example someone who has just passed away?”

So you may have heard people talk about how there are different levels within the spirit plane and those levels are comprised of like energy. Often times, the describe them as being “higher” levels and “lower” levels, but that would imply a sort of spiritual hierarchy.

Let’s talk a little bit about perspective again. Let’s say you live in Minnesota. When you walk outside, the sky is obviously above you. The sun is “up” there. The earth is obviously below you. Grass is “down” there. But then you travel to Australia, which is actually “below” you as well. They don’t call it “Down Under” for nothing.

So when you’re in Australia, the sky is also above you and the ground is below you–except they are completely the opposite directions form where you were in Minnesota, because you’re on the other side of the sphere.

If you were to zoom out into space and look at the earth, which way would be “up” and which way would be “down”? How would you determine it? The same could be said for the levels of the spirit plane.

I really love it when I’m thinking that something probably works a certain way, and then I read it somewhere and it’s explained in a similar fashion. I discover this quite often with Dolores Cannon.

I was reading a chapter of The Convoluted Universe (book 1) on my plane ride to Hawaii and came across a description of just what we’re talking about. In it, these planes are described not as levels that go up and down, but rather layers that expand “outward.” This would look something like those giant jawbreakers you used to get when you were a kid.

The levels you consider “higher” are the outer levels.

I also liken this to limited perspectives. The lower you go (toward the middle), the more limited the perspective is and the less able an individual is to see Love. The further out you go, the broader the perspective and the more able the individual is to see Love in all things.

The entity giving the answers in this particular session in the book answered as such when asked a similar question:

Entity (through client): We have going out from us at all times vibrations, many, many vibrations. These don’t go out to X spot and then stop. They continue flowing out in all directions, intertwining with everybody else’s vibrations and the vibrations of everything else. Each vibration not only has power and force that we could equate to electricity, it also has magnetism. If, for example, a large percentage of our thoughts have been at a certain vibratory level, then we may be more easily attracted to a specific concentric ring (of the layers described above). If, however, we have practiced projecting our thoughts, feelings and desires to All That Is, to the greatest power and love of the universe(s), then we can, like a fish slipping through the water, transcend many, many levels, because our thoughts are extremely powerful vibrations. Those extremely powerful vibrations are attracted to equally powerful vibrations. And we can definitely transcend many of these levels.


Dolores: Are there any barriers that keep us from going to a certain level?


Client: Our thoughts, our fears, our beliefs and our intent.


Dolores: Would we be able to go to the level you are from?


Client: At this time we can do that with our consciousness, which always resides in this level, unbeknown to us, who are 99% asleep. There is an enormous part of us that always dwells in the realm of light and foreverness. it is our responsibility to bring this to the “awake” state of our consciousness.”

They go on to discuss Ascended Masters and how the reason they are called “ascended” is because they have traversed through those layers.

So to answer your question directly, it would seem that they do reside in a different plane than your average spirit, however, that person’s higher self would be largely existent in the highest plane. It may also have other incarnations at other various points throughout those planes, as it, and you, are a multidimensional being.

They also make the point that light can travel through any level. In other words, those in the outer realms can travel down to the inner realms easily, but those in the inner realms can only travel to the outer realms by raising their vibration (broadening their awareness and understanding of who and what they really are – LOVE).

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