Understanding Dimensions, Densities and Ascension

One of the more difficult concepts to grasp when it comes to spiritual metaphysics is the idea of what exactly constitutes a dimension. People are always talking about raising your vibrational frequency to ascend from 4th dimension into the 5th dimension and beyond. Most people throw these around haphazardly and use them along, with a lot of other new age buzzwords, to talk about shit that literally no one can grasp and it sounds like it was created by the new age bullshit generator.

So what is all of this talk about 3D and fourth dimension and fifth density, anyway?

Thanks to Hollywood, we often think of dimensions as being a place where we can go, as though we must somehow move from here to there. We also think of spiritual dimensions or planes of existence as being higher and lower.

In reality, dimensions are not “here” or “there”–they occupy the same space. All dimensions are “here,” now. That’s still pretty hard to comprehend as long as you are thinking of a dimension as a place, so let’s stop thinking of it as a place, and instead, start thinking of it as a perception.

Our physical existence occurs in the third dimension. So what exactly does that mean? 

Well, what it’s referring to is dimensions of measurement. We can measure Height, Width, and Depth. Three dimensions.

Some would argue that time is yet another measurable thing, and as such, we are actually in the fourth dimension.

Height, width, depth, and time are all intangible things. We perceive them with our senses (and our mind). In that sense, the third and fourth dimensions are really just dimensions of perception. The second dimension would be measurable by Height (a.k.a. length) and Width. Two dimensions. Two things that we perceive. Those two things are included along with the additional perception of depth in the third dimension. Therefore, you can safely say that the second “dimension” exists WITHIN the third. The fourth dimension would add Time and Gravity to that equation, and so the third dimension exists within the fourth–within the boundaries of “Space Time.”

So now you’re starting to wrap your brain around the idea that the second and third dimensions are not places that you go, they are just things that you perceive. They’re right here in front of you. 

Now think about all of the other dimensions that are discussed on the spiritual scale and how they are unseen. You do not perceive them with your five senses. But why is that?

These dimensions exist outside the bounds of measurement (measurement exists in the 3rd and 4th dimension), and since our 5 senses are designed and evolved to work with tangible things that can be measured, and our brains have evolved to analyze those tangible things, we have trouble grasping or perceiving things that exists beyond that measurableness.

What types of intangible things exist beyond measure? Thoughts. Emotions. Ideas. Concepts. Understanding. Knowing. Consciousness itself. We can perceive those things, but we can’t really measure them tangibly within those physical dimensions we described earlier.

Other things that exist beyond measure…spirits! Or rather, spirit, in the singular. Source. We can’t measure that either, except through our famed sixth sense: our intuition.

Density vs. Dimension

You may also hear dimensions referred to as “densities.” This is in reference to the physical aspects of dimensions. Physicalness only exists in the first-third dimensions (since Time is the fourth dimension and it isn’t physical, but still measurable by our standards). That physicalness can also be thought of as a level of density. The first through third dimensions have the lowest vibration, which makes them the heaviest or most dense, energetically, to the point that it has developed tangible physicality. Matter.

What the fuck is a vibration?

In string theory, the term vibration refers to the vibratory rate of the “strings” which make up particles (protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, photons) that are the building blocks of matter (physical objects) and force (light, gravity, etc.). The fabric of reality, if you will. The slower the vibration, the more dense it is. The faster the vibration, the less dense it is. Water, ice and steam are a great way to visualize this. The slower the vibratory rate of the atoms in the water, the more dense the molecules, and the more solid the water becomes until it is ice. The faster they vibrate, the less dense they become until they are liquid and then vapor.

Think of energy (in the spiritual sense) in the same way. The slower/lower your vibration, the more dense your reality is. The higher/faster your vibration, the less dense it is until “poof” it is no longer visible. You can’t perceive it, because it is vibrating at a higher rate than you are and you can only perceive things which vibrate within a range that is similar to your own.

That’s why spirit refers to third dimension as third density, and talks about vibrations in terms of dense energy or less dense energy.

5th Dimension and Beyond

The fifth dimension, as you would understand it from your 4th dimensional perspective, exists beyond physical perception. There’s nothing physical to measure and it exists beyond space and time as we know it. Linearity–chronological order–is also a form of measurement, and it does not exist beyond the 4th dimension where we perceive that time flows in a single direction.

As such, you can’t really label it as the “fifth” dimension, because you would then be attempting to measure something that is immeasurable and that would create a distortion of true understanding. So any time you hear someone speak of the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension, etc., understand that it’s being referred to that way so that your brain can understand it, and that isn’t exactly what it really is.

From here on out, I’m going to start referring to dimensions as perceptions,  because that’s what they are. Because there is no measurement beyond the 4th dimensional perception, you can’t really designate where the the dimensional perceptions of anything beyond 5th dimension begins and ends. So for all intents and purposes, those dimensions (or perceptions) beyond the 4th are not separate from one another. And as we noted earlier, the 2nd and 3rd dimensions exist within the 4th, you can also see how the 4th dimensional perceptions exist within all the others, not in layers, but rather, they permeate each other.

When you “transcend” a dimension, you are not moving from here to somewhere else, because remember, all the other dimensions exist within the same space. It’s all the same place, it’s just a matter of how much of that place you are able to perceive.  You are expanding your perception of what’s already here to encompass more of that which already is. As we also know, a perception is also a form of understanding.

The way to enter a new dimension of perception beyond what is tangibly measurable is to expand your understanding.

Understanding of what?

You are a part of all that is. We also refer to “All that Is” as “God,” “Source,” or “the Higher Self.” You are a manifestation of Source, and Source is all that exists, which makes you–your true self–all that exists. But you only know yourself as your ego-self. A tiny, pinpoint of awareness in a vast sea of consciousness. It would be like your fingernail not realizing that it is a part of the greater whole, or a single cell in your body which lives and does its own thing, unaware that it is a part of the whole body.

To expand your understanding is to expand your awareness of self–first your current self and then your true self. To go from only knowing yourself as the ego self, to perceiving more and more of the true self, and expanding your perception to incorporate more of all that is, and understanding that it is a part of you. To you, this may look like learning and experiencing. To your higher self, this is merely the process of re-integrating pieces of yourself that your ego-self wasn’t aware of. A remembering, of sorts.

Learn about the purpose of the ego.

The process of expanding your awareness into new dimensions of perception–5th dimension and beyond–is what we call ascension. And the only way to allow for new perceptions of understanding is to shed, or at the very least, transcend, old perceptions: what you might call “beliefs.” Go within.

To quote an excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s book, The Convoluted Universe, which I used in another post about higher and lower dimensions:

Dolores: Are there any barriers that keep us from going to a certain [dimensional] level?

Client: Our thoughts, our fears, our beliefs and our intent.

This, folks. This right here. That’s the key to “ascension.” Personal development. Your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions are everything.

Stripping away all of those limiting or self-centered thoughts, beliefs, and traumas is what allows your awareness to expand into new dimensions of perception–limiting or self-centered thoughts and beliefs about yourself, and limiting thoughts and beliefs about the world around you.

You might hear people say, “Oh, such and such channel said that we are taking our bodies with us to the 5th dimension!” That’s because you’re not going anywhere. 🙂 And you’re not leaving anything behind. You’re just expanding your awareness into a new realm of perception which exists within all of the others. A simple shift in perspective which allows you to see and understand the world from a higher level.

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So how do we go about stripping away these beliefs, changing our thoughts, and living more intentionally?

Shadow work. We begin addressing our own personal traumas so we can stop projecting them onto the world around us. We heal our core wounds so that we no longer hold fearful beliefs about ourselves, and as we heal ourselves, we are able to live our lives from a place of integrated awareness and intention, rather than reaction. When we stop being reactive, we start our actions and ideologies change, and when our actions and ideologies change, the world around us that we are co-creating changes with us.

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For a visual guide to dimensions that may help you wrap your mind around the concept of expanding awareness, check out the interactive graphic below (best viewed in full-screen mode):

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