The Divine Feminist

I was lazing around the house the other day when I had a highdea–more like an epiphany, actually.

A lot of what I’ve been writing about for the last three years is feminism, but through a spiritual lens. I’ve always associated third wave feminism with the rise of the Divine Feminine, but through that lens, I’ve seen feminism as not just a movement for women, but a movement for everyone.

Patriarchy is the suppression of the Divine Feminine essence within each of us (and as a consequence, the feminine bodies around us).

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The Divine Feminine is our emotions, our empathy, our intuition, our pleasure, and our connection to the divine in ourselves and the universe. Without the feminine, we would not be able to know, feel, or recognize that we are all connected, and that we are all one with the greater force of the universe which is Love.

We have created a culture where the feminine essence is persecuted, condemned, suppressed, and ridiculed, especially within men. When the connection to the feminine essence is severed, it creates a deep core wound. And then those men (and many times women as well), cut off from their connection with universal Love and operating from that core wound, perpetrate acts of abuse, violence and oppression, whether overt and obvious or subtle and insidious, as a means to control and dominate others (slipping into their toxic masculine energy).

When we talk about the rise of the Divine Feminine, we aren’t only talking about female bodies. We’re talking about the feminine essence in all of us–a reconnection to our emotions, our empathy, our intuition, and our divine selves.

Only with this counterbalance can the masculine essence be recalibrated to its true purpose, which is to protect the vulnerable, not control them, dismiss them, or otherwise disempower them.

Divine Feminism

Divine Feminism is the intersection between the Divine Feminine and feminism.

Divine Feminism recognizes the feminine in all of us. It doesn’t expect women OR MEN to disregard their femininity as a means to obtain power in a patriarchal society. It celebrates femininity and recognizes its value.

Divine Feminism doesn’t expect or encourage women OR MEN to embody patriarchal ideals or gender roles.

Divine Feminism is anti-toxic-masculinity, whether it shows up in men or women or someone who identifies as neither. It recognizes the importance of a healthy inner-masculine.

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As such, Divine Feminism values critical thinking, integrity, and leadership just as much as it values vulnerability and openess.

The Divine Feminist is a self-contained human being.

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