How and Why Should We Evolve?

Question from a reader:

“My question is not about the physical experience; I got that covered ;). Rather, I’m more interested in how and why we should evolve. For example, Jesus, Buddha, et al are ascended Masters. So how do we become ascended Masters? I understand there is the combining of knowledge (spiritual side) with experience (physical side) and that completes a needed segment…but what about evolution and ascension?”

Alrighty – lots of aspects to this question (I swear, they just keep getting more complex. You’re pushing the boundaries of my brain, too :D). I’m going to combine the ones that are relevant and try to give you the best picture I can, to the best of my ability, within the confines of my current understanding.

Let’s start with the first one:

I’m more interested in how and why we should evolve. I understand there is the combining of knowledge (spiritual side) with experience (physical side) and that completes a needed segment…but what about evolution and ascension?

I’m going to refer back to the blog post I wrote earlier about perspective and the purpose of existence. It is there that I make the the suggestion that life is not a school, there are no lessons, and there is no growth except from your perspective within time.

Life is about experience – not just the physical experience, in a literal sense (that was kind of the feeling I got as to what you meant when you said “my question is not about the physical experience”, as in the ability to touch and feel things, but to experience emotions.

An example I often use to explain this is romantic love. In spirit, you know what romantic love is as a concept. But you love everybody and that love is an all encompassing type of love – romantic, brotherly, platonic, motherly all rolled into one – and you know that everybody is a part of you and that makes it really hard to really grasp what that experience might be like.

When you’re a child, you watch Disney movies and you know that the prince and the princess fall in love. You know what that looks like and you can imagine how it might feel, but until you grow up and you actually fall totally and utterly in love with someone, you’ll never fully understand it.

That’s the kind of experience we are talking about and that’s the ultimate goal of existence.

Now, the idea of lessons and growth come from our perspective in the physical. When we get here, we forget who we are in order for us to truly be able to understand the experience. Why? Because like I said up there in the example of romantic love, it’s really hard to understand romantic love for just one person when you really truly love EVERYONE because you know you’re all a part of each other.  So you have to forget that in order to really be able to hone in on that one feeling.

As you live the experience of romantic love for the first time, you are actually just remembering it, rather than learning it. But to you, it feels like learning because you can’t physically remember where you were before you came here or that you’ve already known love in it’s most perfect sense.

It’s through the remembering process that we feel as though we “learn” and “evolve.” In the highest sense, we already know everything there is to know. We’re experiencing all of it in the eternal now moment – the only moment there is. You have no need to evolve, because you are already existing and living every possible stage of evolution as we speak. It’s merely a matter of which portion of the whole that you are currently aware of.

So how do we become ascended Masters?

Given my understanding of what I just talked about above, I might suggest that you do not “become” an ascended master. You already are, elsewhere. The “becoming” is merely your experience of your current awareness moving the process from a perspective within linear time.

In the understanding that we already are everything we need to be, we can truly let go of struggle and rather than attempting to become who we think we should be, we can just BE who we really are and always were. I’ve written about this in previous posts as deconstructing the ego and surrendering to higher self.  And letting go of struggle is a “lesson” (or a remembering) in and of itself.





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  1. Hi Ashley, great insight here. I have just been through a process of looking back on events in my life for meaning and I also was taking a therapy group through the same process. What I learned in a very powerful way is that the greatest learning from myslef and all other in the group without exception is that the events that we would call the most challenging (most would label them negative) are where we learn the greatest amount. Now here is what I mean by ¨learning.¨
    I rediscovered that that old fashion terms of ¨courage, patience, charity, humility, etc¨which are terms typically classified as ¨virtues¨, are the terms having the highest of vibrations versus their polar opposites. When we ëxperience something in our life that has us experiencing and demonstrating a virtue we are spiriling higher spiritually. Now, we can say we learned something by our experience but we can also say we gained something as well. I will tie in another important thing that this insight brought me and that is if we say we came here to experience (forget about learning for a minute) and we learn most for our challenging experiences will will also find that our life purpose(s) will be tied directly to the same experiences where we came upon those virtures. Life Contract>Human Experience>Challenges>Virtues Experienced and Learned = Ascensión Process. We came to expand upward and experiencing virtues helps us to accomplish that. Christ displayed and confirmed all those virtues, especailly forgiveness and gratitude. Note. Ashley, one day I would love to communicate with you about my five year Project on understanding the process of Life Review and learning why it is a major event that all religions spiritual teaching say will definitely occur when we pass. I will ask you a teaser question on this. If Life Review is such an important and profound event on the other side, why do you suppose the vastly popular notion here is that we should not look back, can´t change the past, what´s done is done? Someone is feeding us the wrong belief, I think. Maybe you have the answer? Light and Love to your good work. ron

  2. Hey Ron! Thanks!

    With regard to life review – it is my current understanding that not everybody actually has to go through life review, particularly more experienced souls. They may not necessarily do the review or just focus on specific parts, whereas less experienced souls would do the full review.

    I think the “can’t change the past, what’s done is done” stuff is more so to get people to be in the present moment, rather than dwell on things that have already happened (thus creating suffering). What’s important is what they got from the experience, not the choices that were made, and that tends to be where people freak out – what ifs, should haves, could haves, etc.

    But if we are leading concurrent parallel lives where every choice is experienced by some facet of the self, this it really doesn’t matter which decisions we made. All are experienced, thoroughly, from every possible angle. So no need to worry about the past or the future, for that matter – just BE.

    Sorry to cut this short, I’ve got to run off to lunch, but would love to have deeper discussion. Thanks for reading!


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