Telepathy and Channeling The Souls of Living Human Beings

Question from a reader:

“I’m interested in the idea of channeling for those still living in the physical realm. Even possible? Such as those who are non-verbal due to autism, stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia, coma, etc.”

This is an awesome question and one that I’ve not seen addressed in any official capacity anywhere else.

The answer is yes, you can communicate with the soul of the living and that includes people who are not verbally incapacitated. This is not to be confused with telepathy – it’s a very different thing. Channeling and telepathy are similar activities, the difference being that one occurs on a soul level (channeling) and the other occurs on the conscious level.

Telepathy vs. Channeling
With telepathy, you would be communicating with an individual on a conscious level within this plane of existence. Either both you and the individual you are speaking to are actively, consciously aware that you are communicating with one another, you’re just doing so with your mind and not your words, or you may pick up on the conscious thoughts of the other person without them being aware that they are transmitting those thoughts to you.

With channeling, you can communicate with a person on a soul level without their conscious mind ever being aware of it. This is advantageous because you can learn things about that person that they, themselves, may not even know. Only their soul does. It’s communication on a much deeper level.

You’re not tapping into the part of them that is here on earth, you’re tapping into the part of them that is in a higher realm. A different dimension of their multidimensional self.

In other words, telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. Channeling is soul-to-mind communication.

I’ll write another separate post on telepathy later this week and give you some exercises so you can practice it yourself.

Channeling The Living

I know that communication with the soul of a living human being is possible because I have done it.

It has only occurred for me with people who I know to be members of my soul family. The first time you hear someone’s higher self start telling you what that person needs to be working can be pretty freaky, but it’s also incredibly helpful.

I’ve received helpful hints in dream state for these people as well, but this type of communication occurred directly during a waking alpha/beta state.

(In case you are wondering what alpha or beta state is, it’s  referring to your brainwaves during a specific state of consciousness such as when you are meditating, just about to fall asleep, or just waking waking up when activity is lower than usual.)

In one example, I literally heard this person’s voice in my head say, “I don’t understand this, (as I was being shown, again, a scene from a dream I’d just woken up from) Show me a past life.” And another time, I heard them say to me, “Tell me how to set boundaries.”

They were not aware of the subconscious communication, although I told them about it immediately and we began working on the topics that had come up.

I’ve also experienced hearing snippets of another person’s inner-monologue. These were not thoughts about me or directed at me, but rather conversations they were having with themselves in their own head.

I would assume that there would be specific reasons (such as the examples I gave above) as to why an individual would want to communicate with you on a soul level. I doubt it would happen with just anyone, but it is definitely possible.

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