In a post earlier this week, I discussed the differences between telepathy and channeling and promised that I’d write another post discussing telepathy more in-depth…and here it is.

Like I said before:

With telepathy, you would be communicating with an individual on a conscious level. Both you and the individual you are speaking to are actively, consciously aware that you are communicating with one another, you’re just doing so with your mind and not your words.

Telepathy is more than just knowing what someone is thinking without them telling you. In that instance, they aren’t necessarily meaning to send those thoughts to you, you’re just picking them up, intuitively. That’s really your own intuition at work and picking up signals in your environment.

Telepathy Exercise

Back when I was taking my psychic development courses, my teacher gave us some exercises to try at home with a partner to practice telepathy.

One of those involved having your partner choose a number between one and ten, and then visualizing an image to represent that number, and projecting it to you, the receiver. You can “project” by imagining the image going to the forehead (third eye chakra) of the receiver.

You were then to attempt to guess the number that was chosen based on what you were picking up.

This is so much more than just guess work, though, because you aren’t blindly guessing at what number the person is thinking, you are giving them feedback based on what you are seeing and feeling.

I did this exercise with my husband and completely freaked him out by going 4 for 5 in two sittings. And the only reason I missed the one is because he changed his mind mid-stream–I actually saw images that corresponded with both numbers that he’d thought about, but I went with the first one because, you know, they say to always go with your first impression.

One example: he chose a number and I closed my eyes and I saw three different colored “lights” all sitting in a row. So I guessed that the number he picked was three. It was, and the image he chose to represent it was three kittens, in different colors, all sitting next to each other in a row.

In the case of the number I missed, I initially saw what looked like the roman numeral two, but then it quickly changed to what looked like five skyscrapers all in a row. I was confused, so I guessed two. He said no, it was five. “Dammit! I had it!”

“What made you think it was two?” he asked me, and I told him what I saw.

“That’s really crazy… because at first I was going to pick two, and I was thinking of twin towers like the World Trade Center, and then I changed my mind and went with five.”

Tips for Better Telepathy

Obviously, the first thing you want to do before you try that exercise is to sit and clear your mind. If your brain is going 90 miles an hour, you’re going to have trouble sifting through the clutter.

Some people are better senders and some people are better receivers, so try both sides and see which one is your strong suit. You’ll often have better luck when practicing with someone such as a spouse or close friend whom you are already energetically connected to. The two of you will be able to send and receive much easier than someone you’re not connected to on a personal level.

When I’ve told my skeptical friends about my experiences with telepathy, they nearly always immediately say, “Here. Let’s try it. What am I thinking?” Sorry guys. It doesn’t work that way. Speaking of skeptics, your partner should be open minded. Those who are staunchly doubtful will naturally block the experience.

Try this at home with one of your friends and tell me your results in the comments!

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