Ascension Isn’t Going To Change The World

Everybody thinks of “the shift” or “Ascension” or whatever the fuck you want to label it – they think it’s going to change the world.

They think it’s going to happen overnight – or at least over a couple of months or maybe two years, and they’re just going to wake up one day and it’s going to be like Dorothy waking up in Oz and we’ll all suddenly be happy and lovey dovey and all of our problems will cease to exist and we’ll frolic and hold hands.

You look at all these crazy new age images and read these channelings that make it sound like BIG things are going to happen and they’re just around the corner! Life as you know it is going to change on a dime!

You’re going into 5D! This huge wave of cosmic energy is going to slam into earth and the shit’s going to hit the fan, but then you’re going to sprout wings and fly into another dimension!

And because of all this new energy, everything that’s wrong with the world is suddenly going to change. People are going to wake up and take their power back! The banks are going to go away and the government’s going to go away and people are going to stop killing each other and there won’t be any more war and religion is going to disappear and everything’s just going to be the way it’s supposed to be.

Not very realistic.

In reality, we may not really be able to pinpoint anything that’s different but we’ll look back and think, “Wow, things have changed….” but it happened so gradually that we didn’t notice it until we looked at where we were before.

All it is is a shift in perspective. A greater awareness. A deeper understanding.

Nothing “out there” is actually changing. It’s YOU that’s changing.

It might look like the world is changing – but is it actually changing? Or are you just shifting what you focus on? Instead of harping on the negative (and subsequently ignoring the positive), you may start to see the positive in everything around you.

This can certainly, with time, change the world.



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