Dream Walking

The last couple of posts have talked about out of body experiences and astral projection as it pertains to our individual experiences. Today I’m going to talk about something similar but a little bit different – dream walking.

Dream walking is when you enter the dreams of others, or when they enter your dreams. Some may also experience this as a shared dream.

Dream walking can be done lucidly, or not. The only way you would be able to confirm that you’ve done it is if the other person were to share their dreams with you on a regular basis and the two of you can compare notes, but there are some tell-tale signs.

The Dream World

Most of the time we think of dreams as not being “real.” But everything in the universe is made up of energy, including your thoughts and consciousness. In that sense, everything that exists is just as real as anything else – including your dreams. Some might even argue that because your dreams are pure consciousness, and consciousness is the basis of reality, your dreams are actually closer to the original state of “real” than anything in the physical world.

I discussed astral planes and dimensions a bit in my last post, and I also mentioned that your consciousness is multidimensional. What that means is that your consciousness exists in multiple (actually, ALL) planes of existence simultaneously, it’s just that you’re only typically aware of the most immediate one at any given time.

Dreams, meditation, hypnosis, and other tools for altering consciousness allows your conscious mind to experience some of these other dimensions temporarily.

A common misconception many people have is that you experience one dimension at a time and you go from here to there. In reality, it’s a lot more fluid than that – all of them exist together and particularly within dreams, you may experience a mix of elements.

What that means is your experience of those other dimensions is filtered through your current ego consciousness.

Interacting On Different Levels

Just like you can have an OBE and astral project into varying planes of existence and dimensions, you can also interact with other people in those varying levels and planes of existence. It’s just your multidimensional consciousness and their multidimensional consciousness meeting at the same level – or not.

The thing that makes this totally fascinating and confusing at the same time is that neither of you absolutely has to be in the same level to interact. You may interact with them lucidly, but they have no idea and vice versa. Their consciousness may interact with you from a higher level and you remember it and experience it lucidly either in this plane or the next one up, but they don’t. Or you may both experience it and remember it but wake up thinking it was just a dream, and if you never compared notes on those dreams, you’d never know it.

Apparently I have a tendency to show up in people’s dreams and have really deep, meaningful conversations with them that they can’t remember when they wake up. Five people have told me about them so far, I’m sure more of you are out there! (And if you are, I’d love to hear about it! No matter how weird they might sound. No judgement.) I typically don’t remember these, but there was one instance where there was some correlation and I’ll talk about that in the next section.

Shared Dreams

Shared dreams can be just as you’d imagine them to be – two people having the exact same dream, or, two people having the exact same dream featuring each other, or, they can be two people interacting in a dream state, but each of them experiencing and remembering the dream differently.

For example, you may have a shared dream that you are having a conversation with someone, but you only remember your half of the conversation and they only remember their half. Or each of you may see completely different imagery in the dreams, but they will both have the same overarching themes and contain similar information.

I was once working with someone on some intense, prolonged dream interpretation. He was having very vivid dreams about me every night (literally – nine nights in a row and then a few more sporadically after that). Every day, he’d tell me the dream he had the night before and we’d go through the symbolism, and I would compare notes with the dreams I was having.

One night I had a dream that I was having a conversation with him via text message. I could barely remember it, but from what I could recall, I was attempting to explain something to him and make him understand a difficult concept.

The next day, he told me about the dream he had that evening. He was talking to me on the phone and I told him, “Quit wanting the unattainable. Only you know what is attainable and only you can make yourself happy.”

One Level Up

Earlier I mentioned interacting with another person’s consciousness “one level up.” I, obviously, struggled to explain the level of self-awareness that one has in the higher planes in my last post, but this one is a tad easier to describe. I’m not really sure what the proper term for this level is, but you definitely still maintain a sense of your current identity so my assumption is that it is much “closer”, so to speak, to our current level than the other one.

The way I experience this level – and I’ve talked to other people who have had similar experiences – is simply as a void. There’s nothing in it except myself and the other person. It’s just a big, blank black space. I’m always 100% aware of myself and of who the other person is and that we’re interacting, but it doesn’t necessarily occur to me that I’m dreaming. It’s just as “real” as the real world and it feels just as natural that I should be interacting with that person there as it might if I were awake, but there is always a strange sense of surprise because I’m always thinking, “What are you doing here?!”

Other Dream Quirks

Dreams are highly symbolic, so very rarely are the things in them completely literal – not even the people involved. What I’m saying is, you may show up in someone else’s dream as another person and vice versa.

You’ve probably had dreams where you knew who the person was supposed to be, but they didn’t look like themselves, or they were someone else you knew, entirely (I know I have). In those dreams, you were at least semi-aware that it was supposed to be someone else. But you may also have dreams where you aren’t aware of that and it could be someone visiting your dream as someone else. Or even something else – people can show up as animals, too. Or anything, really – it’s the dream world! The sky isn’t even the limit 🙂

Another odd quirk about consciousness… I’ve mentioned in several of my blogs that time is really just a human perception and it doesn’t actually exist. This means that you may have a shared dream with a person, or interact with them via dream state, except you don’t experience it at the same time. You might have the dream tonight, and they may not have it until next week. Time doesn’t matter. Consciousness is al there is, and it’s all very fluid.

I know all of these possibilities can make it difficult to determine what kind of dream it is that you’re having and how you should interpret it, but with a little practice, you can really start digging in and learning a lot. If you’ve got a dream you think you need some help with, I’ve just started offering dream interpretations. Get the details here.

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