Can Psychics Really Predict The Future?

Question from a reader:

“When a trusted channeler through his/her channeled spirits states unequivocally that a specific event/outcome will occur, should we accept that prediction at face value because it comes from the spiritual dimension? Can free will sometimes negate/change what seems to be an announced predestination?

For those who have known or followed me for some time now, I probably sound like a broken record when I say that I just never put stock in psychic predictions. I don’t care if they come from Jesus, some alien entity in another dimension with an unpronounceable name or somebody even higher up than that. Why? Because I believe we collectively create our reality… and I’d much rather be the creator of the outcome that I want – or at least the outcome that is for my highest good, than put all my eggs into the prediction basket looking for this one specific thing to occur.

The mechanics of psychic predictions involve so many moving parts. First, there’s the personal filter of the psychic/channeler in question. What kinds of personal beliefs does this person hold? Their religious beliefs, political beliefs, and general worldview will always affect how they interpret any information they’ve been given, so take everything with a grain of salt – or perhaps a chunk of rock salt, depending on the channeler in question.

Secondly, there’s the matter of exactly what degree of free will we have versus our personal life planning. My own view of this is that true free will resides with our higher self and our ego self believes that it has free will because it believes that it is somehow separate from the higher self. We have a variety of potential outcomes that we can experience within our lives, but our higher self knows all of those are possible, and if there is such a thing as parallel universes, we may very well experience every one of them. This, as you can imagine, may also present an interesting challenge to a channeler for making a prediction. Which reality are they seeing?

Many psychics will tell you, also, that they cannot make a prediction. They can only tell you what they are feeling based on the trajectory of the energy as it currently exists – so they can only tell you which of those realities you may experience based on how things feel right now, although you may hop onto a different trajectory at any time.

All of that being said, I do believe that within each of our life plans there are certain circumstances that we cannot avoid. I believe Dolores Cannon referred to them as Nexus Points. How specific are they? Potentially very specific – there are certain people from our soul families which we have contracted to have relationships with in our current lifetime. We can’t really avoid them. Those would be Nexus Points in our life plan. There are certain life altering events that are part and parcel to the experience that we wished to achieve in these lifetimes. Those things also would seem unavoidable, as they must occur in order for us to fulfill the life plan.

I’m sure that there are certain events that occur on a global scale which could be considered Nexus Points as well. Can a channeler really tap into those events? Possibly. Whether or not they communicate what’s really there or some version of it colored by their own personal perceptions is another story.

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