Does pricing affect the quality of a reading?

Question from a reader:

“Do you have experience with how different prices could affect the “energy coming through” in a session? Higher price=more flow, easier to connect with divine? Higher doesn’t mean to say unethical pricing. Just interested in your experience/opinion.”

The pricing of a session has absolutely no bearing on “the energy coming through.” Why would it? Spirit doesn’t need your money.

A psychic’s ability to connect with psychic information is dependent on their own beliefs, biases, and energy as well as how open the client is to being read.

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In my opinion, though, the more desperate a client is the more gullible they are and the easier they are to be taken advantage of by someone who doesn’t actually have any psychic ability at all (much less integrity). And a sure fire way to make someone desperate to get their money’s worth is to charge them a stupid amount of money for the reading.

I’m aware that there’s a myriad of scams out there as well as gobs of really really bad information about money and energy. Please do not let members of the money cult take advantage of you. More money does not equal a better reading. A better reading depends on pureness of heart. Pureness of heart does not demand exorbitant amounts of money.

The best psychic readings I’ve ever gotten cost $100 or less for an hour-long reading. I’d be willing to pay up to $200 to someone I really trusted who was that good, but never more than that. Especially given the fact that we all have psychic abilities and can usually find these kinds of answers for ourselves.

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