When Your Reading Isn’t What You Expected

Question from a reader:

“I had a reading in which I talked to my higher self. At the time I really needed some serious advice from my higher self and probably still do, lol. What I got from my higher self was something I didn’t think was even close to being as important as the the things I really needed advice on or answers to. My question is why your higher self, when given the chance to give some serious answers or advice, would choose to pick a topic on something which I thought was sort of trivial in comparison to what I really wanted advice or guidance on?”

I think there’s a few things you need to factor in. First, I find that with psychic readings, it’s very important to be specific with the questions that you ask. The more general they are, the more vague the response. Even when I have a specific situation in mind, and ask the question in a general fashion, I still may still get a somewhat general answer.

Were your questions very specific to the situation you were experiencing? Or was it generalized?

Another thing to consider is whether or not the things you’re looking for guidance on are major life lessons. In my experience, we’re often given vague answers to questions related to things that we are currently going through, particularly if it is important for us to work through that particular thing in our own way. After all, the entire purpose of being here is to have a very specific experience, and our guides and even higher self are going to give you responses on need to know basis. No cheating on your final exams, you know.

Lastly, of course, there’s always the question of whether or not the medium in question is good or not so good, having an off day, etc. I had a reading once with a guy who claimed that he was channeling his higher self. His higher self was a condescending asshole with a British accent who was pushy and arrogant. He told me flat out that his higher self “didn’t like to be wrong,” but that it also wouldn’t “go poking around in my mind,” like a psychic would. In other words, said higher self wasn’t giving me any kind of real answers, it was just asking me questions and giving me it’s “opinion.” That, ladies and gents, is not a reading at all and there is no universal wisdom being accessed or divulged and the only thing being channeled is his own ego.

There were several red flags in all of that:

1) He needed to ask me specific questions and couldn’t give me ANY information at all without asking questions.

2) His higher self didn’t like to be “wrong.”

3) A British accent? Really?

4) No psychic information specific to me. Just an opinion. 

I paid for an hour. I hung up the phone after twenty minutes. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money with people like that.

My advice to anyone looking for guidance from your higher self: you have that connection directly, yourself, and it’s much stronger with you than it will ever be with another person. Find the answers you’re looking for within yourself. They are there.

Thanks for being here,



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