Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics

Spiritual Politics

Many of you know that I have a very conservative, religious upbringing. One of the things that always bothered me about many of the churches I attended growing up was pastors who preached politics. Many of them endorsed political candidates (always the republican candidate) and essentially encouraged their congregations to vote for that candidate, outlining all of the reasons why they were “god’s chosen candidate.”

Since all of this has started happening, I’ve begun to see many alleged spiritual teachers doing and saying the exact same things. And this, once again, rubs me the wrong way.

No true teacher should be telling you who to vote for. They should encourage you to think for yourself. No true teacher should be laying out what you should believe and then say, “But I’ll let you decide for yourself,” because that’s leading the audience.

True spiritual teachers understand that politics is a game that exists within the illusion of duality. Left vs. Right. Republican vs. Democrat. Liberal vs. Conservative. This IS the matrix. As long as one exists, its opposite will rise up to meet it, until we transcend the illusion.

What we are attempting to do here, now, is dismantle the system and build a completely new one. It does not look like capitalism. It does not look like socialism. It does not look like communism. It looks like something completely new that has never existed.

No single person, no political Jesus, is going to swoop in and fix this. That is for US, the PEOPLE to do–not by relying on voting for a person already entrenched in the system who you think will fix it, but by BEING THE CHANGE you want to see. By inhabiting the consciousness that we purport to believe in. By no longer looking outside of ourselves for solutions, but by BEING the solution.

What does that look like?

It looks like community. It looks like reaching out to each other. It looks like supporting one another in times of need in whatever way you can. For example, people are in financial trouble right now, but are offering their services on a pay-what-you-can basis anyway, and those who aren’t in financial trouble giving more to help them, or sending other people who can pay to them, to help keep each other afloat. That’s what community looks like. We don’t do it because we gain from it, we do it because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE. It looks like an intrinsically-driven system built from the ground up, not a mandated top-down system implemented by a government.

It looks like UNITING with each other and standing in our true power. It looks like creative problem solving at the local level. It looks like grassroots-lead movements. It looks like something completely NEW that we have to build because it doesn’t not yet exist on this planet.

These are all Aquarian themes and we are headed into the age of Aquarius (2023-24) as soon as Pluto is finished laying waste to all of the shadow energy of Capricorn (greed and selfishness in government and economic systems).

We do not need politicians. We need EACH OTHER.

But for as long as we continue to seek solutions externally, and expect someone else to come and save us, we will stay on exactly the same path we’ve been on. Thinking Donald Trump or Joe Biden, or whoever the fuck ends up on the ballots is going to save the world is no different than sitting around and waiting for Jesus to come back or the aliens to land and rescue all of humanity from itself.

If any spiritual leaders are telling you to believe in the system right now, to believe in any political party or candidate, then they are a part of the system. That is OLD PARADIGM AND IT IS DEAD.

This is new paradigm. We are our own saviors. And do not let ANY spiritual teacher tell you otherwise.

What Price Freedom?

What Price Freedom?

What Price Freedom?

I‘m re-sharing this post that I initially published on January 22nd, 2017, because it seems like a particularly relevant topic right now. Let me know what you think.

I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that Donald Trump wanted to buy me. Literally, buy me…like a pet or some sort of material object.

The thing was, I had to agree to allow myself to be bought. The trade off was that I would be completely taken care of, live in material luxury, and never, ever have to worry about my physical safety or being provided for – but I had to live in his mansion and I could never leave. It was represented to me as a gold and glass terrarium, of sorts – literally, a gilded cage, like a human aquarium.

The entire dream, I was walking around with him and one of his assistants to various places where he would comment on things and attempt to convince me to allow him to buy me.

In the end, I decided that no amount of security or safety represented in the form of material wealth was worth trading in my freedom.

As I thought about the dream and what it represented for me personally, as well as on a more national scale, I had some illuminating thoughts.

On a national scale, if we are to take Mr. Trump’s appearance in my dream at face value, it’s an interesting metaphorical representation of Trump’s isolationist outlook and certain political sentiments that have been expressed by a number of people over the last decade (and long before that, I’m sure) in reference to things like national security and the NSA. People who say that they are perfectly okay with trading in certain personal freedoms for the promise that someone else will keep them safe, provide for them, people who are ok with sacrificing their privacy in the name of security, etc.

It’s also a very apt metaphor about the illusion of security that is provided by a capitalist society–that money and things are what make us feel provided for and safe. The aspirations of success and luxury are really just a cage that keeps us trapped in an economic system that benefits some more than others, and is, at the end of the day, unsustainable.

With the rise of terrorism in the U.S., people seem to be adhering to fear in insane ways. Is this what so many people want? Is a prison still a prison if it has golden bars instead of iron? It’s incredible what fear will make people do.

On a more on a personal level, the dream represents sacrificing what would bring you true happiness for the sake of being financially provided for. So many people live in the mindset that they can’t pursue what they truly want because of money or some other material reason based in fear and a scarcity mentality.

When we make these kinds of sacrifices out of fear, we are giving away our freedom to create a life we truly love in exchange for a life that simply meets our material needs. We are sacrificing enjoying our lives to just be alive. Ask yourself this question – which is better? A few short years of pure, unadulterated freedom and joy, unencumbered by the illusion of material comforts, or a long life lived safely but mundanely? Is total freedom worth the risk involved? And how much freedom are you willing to trade in the name of financial safety and security?

What Does New Paradigm Look Like?

What Does New Paradigm Look Like?

What Does New Paradigm Look Like?

Well, I made it. I’ve been camping out in my apartment with nothing of mine but the two suitcases I flew in with since Monday because PODS refuses to deliver to my street, even though I have the appropriate permits. I’ve been battling it out with customer service for three days. I think I’ll finally get my things today, but it required me to hire a moving truck, have the POD delivered to them, unloaded onto one of their trucks, then brought to my apartment to be unloaded again.

Oh, and I sliced my fingers open with a kitchen knife and had to get stitches on Tuesday.

It’s been a rough start. I’m trying to stay positive. I’m also on stress overload. I’ll be really happy if I get to sleep in a bed tonight. On the upside, I finally have internet hooked up, although it doesn’t reach the back of the 900 sq ft apartment. Add it to the list of things that need to get fixed.

Lucky for you guys, I had about four blog posts written out before I left, so you still get content this week and next. 🙂

Question from a reader:

“I see a lot of writing and talking about higher vibes happening and I think many of us have this ideal concept of quiet time in nature, yoga, meditation, drumming, etc. Well, I am a little unsure how my like for somewhat violent movies falls into this concept! LOL

I love watching movies and I like the archetypes and genres but anything with violence doesn’t necessarily fit the concept of higher vibe. It’s just an example. I’m sure many people have their different voices for enjoyment that maybe don’t fit into the ideal high vibe set up. Things that some of us still like to do in our downtime after we’re exhausted from clearing our, and raising vibes.

I’m feeling like some of these things are touted, however, I also feel that if something makes someone happy or relaxed – what’s the harm? Yet again, “shadow viewing”, as I can call it, perhaps on one hand is possibly the balance with regards to light and shadow? On the other hand, perhaps “shadow viewing” puts us in a negative state or a fight or flight state which is not caring for loving for our body?

Hopefully you get what I’m trying to say. I’m just getting so damn tired of judging myself on this one issue.”

Same concept as I talked about on Monday. It’s our perceptions that are changing, as I discussed in this post about ascension. How we view the world. Instead of viewing something that most people perceive as “negative,” (how we label something is merely a projection of our own shadow, after all), you view it from a state of neutrality. It doesn’t have a negative effect on you because it’s already been integrated.


So no, violent movies don’t have to go away. What good would that do? If we haven’t integrated it and we try to push it away and hide it, that’s repression.

I think a lot of people have this notion that ascension = utopia. Maybe… after a couple thousand years. But certainly not any time soon. As I said in a pervious post, ascension isn’t going to change the world – it’s going to change YOU. 

Those things aren’t going to go away completely. They’re still catalysts for growth and we need them! Otherwise it sort of defeats our purpose for being here 😉

But we can and will learn how to stop perpetuating and exacerbating them. This allows us to be fully in control of our actions and reactions, and subsequently, fully in control of our evolution – a conscious evolution, instead of an unconscious one.

How Does Love Show Up In The New Paradigm?

How Does Love Show Up In The New Paradigm?

How Does Love Show Up In The New Paradigm?

As this arrives in your inbox, I’ll have just landed at the airport on my way to my new apartment, and my new life. I suppose it’s an appropriate post for the day, because the day itself marks my transition into my own embodiment of New Paradigm. But just like the person who submitted the question, I’m just trying to keep my head above water with all the changes. I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water for a year and a half. I really hope that today is the day the I start to find solid ground. I could use some reprieve, a chance to catch my breath and just rest for a minute.

My moving POD arrives tomorrow and I’ll be spending the rest of the week unpacking and putting my life back together. If I have any readers in the NYC/North Jersey area, I’d love to know who you are. I’m thinking of perhaps planning a meet up for this fall. It would be great to get to know some new people.

Question from a reader:

“With everything going on energetically, there is a lot written about LOVE – higher love, heart lead love, unconditional love, spiritual love, etc…. Yet I am not really feeling the love and I don’t think I’m alone in this. I’m just trying to keep my head above water with all the damn changes going on with getting clear, releasing, releasing, then getting more clear, and then releasing again of course, and so on and so forth.

I totally get the higher vibe love but I don’t know how that is supposed to present it self to some of us. It certainly is not love n’ fluff (or hell, maybe it is), but I believe it has more to do with being in our truth and power. And I may have had some flavors or glimpses of what that feels like but in general I just have no clue.

How does that show up? I am honestly not feeling it and of course that is bothering me. I’m wondering what the heck is wrong. And I appease that thought with the idea that maybe I just need more time……”

Love, REAL love, presents itself to us unconditionally. Most people when they think of love, they just think of warm fuzzies and fluffy bunnies – they’re only thinking of the positive side of duality, and yet we KNOW that everything we experience and everything in existence is love, including the darkness. Unconditional love means having an acceptance for all things, even the darkness.

Now the funny thing about it is that duality is created from us NOT KNOWING that everything is love. When we don’t understand something from a loving, accepting place, we react and we resist, which creates fear and manifests it into the world. Once we start to recognize our oneness with Love, we begin to act from that place of unconditional acceptance, which means we no longer resist or react. The longer we do this, the less fear gets manifested out into the world, until eventually it totally disappears. Make sense?

And you’re right – it does have to do with us being in our truth and power. Because unconditional love is the Truth and the Power. It shows up as understanding, empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, vulnerability and eventually, fearlessness. Those may be concepts that you’re more familiar with feeling on a regular basis. And I promise you, once you’re fully embracing all of those things, you’re going to feel that warm fuzzy crazy kind of fluffy bunny love even in the face of things that other people would view as completely shitty, and while you’re still going to be hurt, you’re going to be able to forgive and move right back into it.

For more on New Paradigm, be sure to check out the video and blog post I did a couple of weeks ago with my friend Susan. You can catch it by clicking here. 

The Dark Side of Positivity

The Dark Side of Positivity

The Dark Side of Positivity

I had a consultation with potential new client for my mentorship program a few weeks ago, and in our short conversation, I asked her about some of the issues she was struggling with and what she hoped to gain from working with me as a personal development mentor.

Among the things she listed that she felt were holding her back from being truly happy, she lamented, “I have negative thoughts all the time. And I know everybody says that you need to think positive, and I try to, but sometimes I just can’t.”

I stopped her dead in her tracks.

I see this kind of dangerous thinking from all sides. Bullshit New Age content farms are hocking over simplified clickbait social media content on a daily basis telling people how they shouldn’t be negative, think negative, or hang out with “negative” people.

I told my potential client that it was perfectly okay for her to have negative thoughts. It’s perfectly human to feel negative sometimes. Or even more than sometimes.

This growing idea that in order to be spiritual, you must shun any and all negativity, is at best based on a surface-level understanding of spirituality and enlightenment and at worst, a form of intellectually lazy emotional repression and spiritual bypassing.

What is Spiritual Bypassing?

Spiritual Bypassing is a term coined by psychologist Robert Masters to describe the practice of empty spirituality devoid of real personal development. In spiritual bypassing, a person “acts” spiritual without actually doing the internal work to develop real spiritual understanding, often resulting in stunted spiritual growth, repressed emotions, inflated ideas about their own level of enlightenment, and a plethora of other detrimental activities and ideas.

This sort of empty spirituality doesn’t facilitate conscious expansion or enlightenment, but rather keeps its followers trapped in the lowest levels of awareness. Oh, the irony…

Negative emotions, thoughts and feelings have their place. They are the catalyst for growth. Negative relationships and situations serve as mirrors to reflect back to us the negative beliefs that reside within us and spur us to self-examine. Without negativity, we would remain ignorant in our spiritual understanding and stagnant in our personal growth.

I explained to my potential client that she needn’t be worried about having negative thoughts and that rather than attempting to ignore them or push them out of her mind, she should find time to sit with them, allow herself to feel them, examine them, discover where they arise from and once she has truly found the source and understood the lesson it’s teaching her, she can thank them for the experience and release them.

I know that sounds pretty simple, but what is simple isn’t always easy. I look forward to helping her explore this aspect of spiritual growth and perhaps come out on the other side a stronger, wiser person.

Can Your Ego Screw Up Divine Timing?

Can Your Ego Screw Up Divine Timing?

Can Your Ego Screw Up Divine Timing?

Question from a reader:

“I believe there are many paths one can take in life. Some spiritual teachers who are totally loving have come across my path recently and talked about how ego can override divine timing. That you much be ‘aligned with your higher self’ to be a recipient of divine timing. I thought divine timing was always working … I realized all this talk about aligning with your higher self is just another way of making people feel bad about their choices. Could be my own issue because of what I’ve been dealing with lately – but aren’t we all already enough? Don’t we have it inside of us already?”

No, I do not believe that your ego can override divine timing and there’s actually a pretty simple reason why… or maybe not so simple, depending on who you ask. 🙂

I believe in multiple realities – that various aspects of ourselves are experiencing every possible choice our ego could ever make. We experience it all, not just this timeline that this singular aspect of our ego self sees. That’s why I don’t believe in mistakes, or that your life plan can get fucked up, or that we ever make a wrong choice. It’s all experienced by our higher self. The good, the bad, the ugly, in some way shape or form.

Basically, you said there were many paths we can take in life… I believe we take ALL of them. And they are all divine. Dolores Cannon talks about this in-depth in the first book of her Convoluted Universe series and she even discusses how we trade places with our alternate selves from time to time as our realities collide and our personal vibrations shift. Some people call it timeline hopping or quantum jumping. It’s fascinating shit! If you want to geek out a little, I wrote about it in a previous blog post.

Now, for someone who is doing a reading and they are only tapping into one line of that experience, or for someone who doesn’t understand multiple realities or just doesn’t believe in them, then of course, from that limited perspective it can appear that a person would be able to somehow screw something up. But that is a tad bit fear based, yeah? And all fear comes from a limited perspective.

As far as alignment goes – I definitely do believe in the concept of alignment, but not the way it sounds like other people are talking about it.

Think about all of those paths we mentioned earlier as a spectrum of experiences. There’s the highest vibrational experience, the lowest vibrational experience, and everything in between. We need the lowest vibrational experiences, they’re imperative to our understanding of self. It’s why duality exists, after all – so that we can know ourselves (Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh does a lovely job of explaining this when God talks about why it “created” itself).

Alignment, to me, means finding your way into that highest vibrational spectrum that is based more around love. Doesn’t mean that it’s right or wrong. Just one direction we can go – and certainly reaching it is the purpose of our existence, however, we MUST experience all of the other stuff along the way! It’s THOSE experiences which propel us to our highest and grandest self. So we can’t look down on those experiences as being wrong or bad. We need them, they’re integral to what we’re up to here. Hell, they’re the whole reason we incarnated in the first place!

I think that’s where a lot of people miss the mark in their understanding of why we’re here. They only picture the end result and they don’t understand that the PROCESS… the EXPERIENCE OF BECOMING… is what we’re here for. The journey, not the destination. You can’t BECOME anything over there in the fluffy confines of “Heaven” – you’re already one with all that is and you know it. The only way to experience becoming anything is to first be what it is not. Thus, we come here to forget that which we already are 🙂 So that we can experience becoming that which we already were, but forgot…

The funny thing is, as long as fear of doing the wrong thing or being the wrong thing is what is driving someone to make the “right” choices to get into what they think is alignment, they’ll never actually get into alignment, because they’re still living in a state of fear. Oh the irony!

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