Can You Experience Clairaudience If You Are Deaf?

Question from a reader:

“I’m Jessi and I was born profoundly deaf. Since my empath awakening this year, my ‘Hum’ since 1998 turned into hums, tics, beats patterns and melodies. I recognise a low voice and a childlike song voice. I am pretty sure I heard my name, ‘JESS,’ twice. The childlike voice keeps singing the same unrecognisable song. Melodies come and go and I need to figure out how to understand them when my brain has never been used for actual listening, as I use sign language. But the Hum and ticking is constant.

The sounds I’m hearing is so busy and overlapping. I can decipher layers of different frequencies. Am I hearing the frequencies of earth and orbs, the UFO’s? (I captured thousands of orbs on my camera last night which got me thinking, my yard is FULL of them particularly our peach tree.)

Does clairaudiency only apply to actual communications and songs? I do have instinctual conversations in my mind which I try to control, so I know this is different. It’s rather interfering during meditation when I just don’t understand a word!”

I really love this question for so many reasons, mainly because of all the implications. One of the most common questions I get about clairaudience and intuition in general is, “How do I tell the difference between that and my own thoughts?”

It’s different for you, I imagine, because you’re not used to sounds and voices in the same way that others are, so if and when you actually do “hear” something in your mind, it must be exceptionally noticeable! Personally, I’m extremely sensitive to noise pollution (as well as light/visual stimuli) and I know I’m not alone in that. It makes it very difficult to concentrate and process what’s going on internally, much less externally. In a way, I’d guess that you’re able to tune in much more easily.

They say that when you lose one of our senses, the others become heightened. I can’t help but think that your intuition would be as well, as it is your “sixth sense,” so to speak. Of course, it’s a muscle that needs to be flexed and exercised to grow stronger, but you have a bit more energy to put toward it and use it to fill in the gap of the sense you lost.

Clairaudience can be anything, though I would caution people not to confuse it with intrusive thoughts which are typically unpleasant and unwanted. I’ve seen some TikTok videos of New Age novices claiming that these are messages from spirit guides when they are actually just a very normal experience and in some extreme cases can be symptoms of a mental health disorder.

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  1. I, too, am spending Thanksgiving in a new place without my family. It feels freeing in a funny sort of way. I’ve decided to get a cabin in the woods and take my dog hiking. I hope you find a lovely way to spend your time.

    • That sounds like a very centering experience 🙂

  2. I’m deaf. I’m experiencing songs, harping, voices. I can hear my name Julia being called. Humming. It very loud the music and high pitch. It goes though hearing aids. I believe. It embrassing in office. When sound leak out of my hearing aids especially in team meeting.

  3. Omg. I’ve been searching everywhere for this, I am empathic, have dream vision that came true, I heard about this ability but I was like I’m deaf anyways so it’s not me. But I felt something is missing that in my gut that I need to look at it because my whole life is always the sound in my head tht wake me up (deaf) 1 sec before alarm and I knew when the phone ring is on the way that I stared at the phone and knew something bad is coming and I normally would pick it up but I was scared to pick it up and my mom picked it up and heard my aunt passed away. I see her spirit animal is dove above her everyday til her death day and I know I’m not only one seen it cause my grandma and my mon saw it but others don’t ever see it. I never thought that it was vision of mine. At first it developed around 6 I became awareness of myself after I went to my first funeral and after funeral party, I didn’t even know who’s that person is but somehow all the crowds overwhelmed me cause I felt their emotions and it made me think so dark that scared me cauee it’s doesn’t make sense for a healthy deaf girl it seems like that person in funeral killed her self but no one told me but I knows. It was super bad pain, it make me want to die that day but I try to push it out of my head by hiding under table and some how old knowledge came in my head, that All my questions been answered and I calmed down and pushed the bad vibe in my head out of my head and change channel in my head into positive like “why am I deaf one of million people but why choose me?” I heard this answer by no words but myself would understand that have no explaination that I’m here for a reason and people need to see that through our disability and beauty. People need it to end the hate and judging. And I felt happier and accepted my disability ever since and my 6th sense ( I always said we deaf people have special senses That have no explain and boom this article is exactly what I always knew and glad to know I’m not crazy. I even can sense and feel animals so much that I can’t even deal. I always hear this weird sound that come and go out of no where growing up and then things made senses, I called that sound it’s my warning sound to positive and negative effects the will yet come. I heard this beautiful ringing pitch high into singing its soothing me but it made me come to here by typing “Can deaf have hearing phychic” and this is my 1st sense that came to my life at age of 6! I do have hearing sense after all, I’ve always knew It. I always turned off my hearing aids and listen to music more, dance when I have a horrible day and people would call me “you have this vibrant energy that make us want to dance when we don’t even dance” lol I believe them cause I lured them by sending them the message when I feel their sad vibe at the bar and it works, then she said that I had a goosebump. Funny thing that when my mom was pregnant w me she almost name me melody but changed into Brittany.

  4. Are you telling me this only for female power ? “Clairaudience“ I’m James and had these similarities what they have and mostly I Have sense gift and hearing the sounds like a musics in my head so wanted to know what they were saying and tried to understand it but it’s soo blurry in a words of sounds. It’s not easy to understand but I had to beat my fear to get to understand them. It’s very impossible to hear the words in many ways, had to trust my stamina to unlock these things to allow the comes to you once you see them but it’s very hard to hold the fear but many different ways you will get only one answer at once but have to Break this fear. You see things that are there but your eyes doesn’t want to believe it is actually there but it’s always comes to you nowhere it’s just like imagination friends but it’s not and the fear get higher as the heart beat harder and high pitch sounds it’s make you lose your concentrates. It’s not easy though

    • Not at all. Everybody has psychic abilities.

  5. I think I am lucky perhaps. I’m profoundly Deaf all my life. I have been hearing some brief words like “you will be scared tmw”(true, I got covid test, postivie) ” save your documents” (true, I saved some before the house fire), “your house on fire”” you need prepared”(true, it has been conuitous for months) ” baby’s crying” woke me up and (true, the power went out, no flashing lights were working to let me know when the babys crying). “tyre is flat” (true, the tyre was flat after we were driving, they were continuing telling me tyre’s flat many times while driving so had to pull over and checked. yes it was a flat tyre.)


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