Why We Have Recurring Dreams

Jun 8, 2015 | Dreaming, Mind, Question Submission, Spirit

Question from a reader:

“My son, Jaden, passed away in 2012. He was 10 years old. He was also born with down syndrome, autism, medically fragile the entire time and I guess you can say cognitively, between 18 months old to 2 years old. So for about the last three years, I have had, I feel, intrusive dreams of my sons fragile state and all his surgeries.  I also have had many dreams of holding him in my belly to protect him over and over! Why these repetitive, specific dreams? Is it the healing process of chronic trauma, or PTSD, or part of the grieving process? Any suggestions?”

The purpose of our dreams, in the majority of instances, is to bring into our awareness emotions which need to be dealt with. Particularly when we have recurring dreams or repetitive dream themes, they are representative of a repeated message.

It’s easy, in situations like yours, to feel a loss of control – because you cannot do anything to change your son’s circumstances.

My initial impression of your dreams about wanting to protect him is that they are directly correlated with feelings of regret or helplessness about being unable to protect him when he was alive. Those feelings resurface for you, symbolically, through your dreams.

Is it the healing process or part of the grieving process? Probably both, although not directly.

The dreams are associated with emotions, and you can use them as an indicator of how you are moving through your healing and grieving process. They are showing you the things that you aren’t seeing, consciously.

Once you are able to process the emotions, consciously, the dreams will most likely stop or at least slow down significantly.









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