How To Get The Best Results From A Tarot Reading

When people think about getting any sort of psychic reading, they often only think of it in terms of speaking to a deceased or having their future told to them, and those questions typically fall under the love, money and career categories. There are SO many other things that a reading can be good for, and what you expect out of your reading should determine who you go to for it, but for right now let’s focus on predictive readings.

This kind of mentality kind of pigeon holes you into a very narrow set of possibilities because you are going into the situation under the assumption that everything in your life is predetermined, which it may very well be, but it’s not as limited as you think. You have laid out before you a vast number of paths in which you can choose to take, so to ask about the future in a psychic reading is taking away your ability to create it. This can only end two ways – you accept whatever you are told in the reading and then end up creating that outcome because it’s what you expect, or things change and your predictions do not come true, so you are disappointed by them and your reading experience.

If you approach a reading with the knowledge that you are a creative being, you can then determine the outcome you wish to create and ask questions about how to go about achieving that outcome, rather than assuming that it’s already been determined for you.

Questions for Tarot

When it comes to Tarot, specifically, the best kinds of questions to ask are questions that avoid yes or no answers and specific dates – in other words, try to keep it non predictive, because your future is not set in stone – you create it. Some examples:

How can I ___________?

How do I go about _____________?

What needs to happen before I can _________?

What is going on with this current situation?

What will be the outcome if I _________?

What do I need to do in order to _________?

What do I need to know about __________?

Questions such as these will allow the tarot to give you a world of insight into yourself and your situation, whereas simply asking a yes or no answer keeps your options extremely limited, and not to mention, removes your personal power.

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