Balancing Belief, Discernment, and Sanity

Question from a reader:

“I struggle with noticing synchronicities; rather, I struggle with an internal dialog of feeling nuts when I notice synchronicity. Banish fear, sure. But there’s a difference between discernment and neurosis. I guess that’s a good description of the elements at play…”

I love the video inclusion that came with this question lol. And that feeling of, “Am I crazy?” is all too familiar. Just when I think I’ve finally adjusted to the weirdness of certain occurrences, I experience something far stranger and begin questioning my sanity all over again.

But you know what they say – crazy people don’t know they’re crazy. So the fact that you’re self-aware enough to question your own sanity is a sure sign that you’re NOT crazy.

So as far as discernment goes, it’s great to have a healthy bit of skepticism and scrutiny when it comes to spiritual experiences.

Synchronicity has been and is still one of my primary forms of guidance, but I’ve also learned to recognize the little intuitive tug that comes along with noticing those signs that are meant to be synchronicitous. I can’t explain the feeling, but there’s definitely a noticeable sensation associated with it. The feeling you have when you do a double take and go, “hmmm.”  It’s that feeling that puts it above and beyond simple coincidence.




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