Finding Your Spiritual Path

Question from a reader:

“I have been on a journey of trying to figure out my spiritual path and I’m so confused on how to figure out what it is. Can you give me any insight into how to do this?”

I find that when people ask, “What’s my spiritual path?” or, “What is my life purpose?” they are asking because they have a certain set of expectations around what those things should be. A lot of new agey websites and bloggers push the concept of having a mission, and when a lot of people hear that, they take it to mean that you are supposed to be here doing something very specific. And so a lot of us sit around worrying, “Am I on the right path?” “Am I doing the right thing?” “Is this what I’m supposed to do?” “Is this where I’m supposed to be?”


I’m not one hundred percent certain what you mean when you say spiritual path, and I am assuming that you mean your path in life, which is typically what people equate as their life’s purpose, so I’m going to talk about them similarly.

I’ve written before about life purpose and how I do think we have certain experiences that we wish to have when we come here, however, they are not necessarily things we are supposed to be “doing” in such a literal sense. I’ve also written a few times about pre-planned life experiences and you can read about that here.

In both of those posts, I make the point that our life purpose is not something we are supposed to do, as much as it is things that we are here to experience. In essence, it’s a state of being.

In that sense, I think our “mission” as it relates to what I said in my opening paragraph, is whatever we choose to make it. I’m as guilty as anyone for sitting around wondering what I am “supposed” to be doing, but the truth is, when we have the belief that we have a mission given to us by some “other” (and we often think of our higher selves as being an “other”), we’re giving our power away.

I think a lot of us have things that we have personally made our mission, but we slip into the habit of telling ourselves that it’s “meant to be.”  Only when we own it as our own and not something pre-ordained for us can we truly embody that which we came here to be. That may seem paradoxical upon first glance, but in the end it makes all the sense in the world.

All of that being said, I might suggest to you to stop looking outside of yourself for what you are “supposed” to be doing, and instead, start looking inside. Decide, based on your own desires, natural inclinations, and the things that bring you joy. The journey IS your path. You are walking it every day.

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