An Explanation of Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Question from a reader:

“Since I was a child of about 5 I have intuitively known things that others did not. I would say things to my parents who would say in response, “No honey that won’t happen because of xyz.” and then it would happen… they were puzzled and confused. They realized I had a gift of some sort and eventually would even ask me questions. My faith in a God and the universe was always there. I carried this gift as an adult to my career of being a police officer/detective. It helped me and people I encountered. How can you explain this feeling of knowing and additionally I would like to try and better develop my skills. What and how can I do this?”

Intuition is something we all have access to. The reason why is because we’re all made of the same stuff–you, me, the earth, the universe, and the thoughts that pass through our brains are all, at the most basic level, a sea of energy. And carried within that energy are the basic building blocks of everything we know to exist (and all the things we don’t).

Think of your body as a radio and your brain as the antenna. All around you are invisible waves of consciousness that are continuously being picked up and processed by your brain, much like radio waves. Your radio is always set to pick up your channel, but through shifting your mind into different states of awareness, you can change the channel of your radio and pick up signals of other stations. Sometimes these stations belong to other people. Sometimes they belong to the universe itself. Sometimes it’s another station that belongs to you, but on a different level.

Sometimes radio stations get mixed and you can hear signals coming from two different stations at the same time, but one of them is stronger than the other, which makes the weaker one harder to understand. Often times that’s how our intuition works. We just get little blips of clarity here and there, but for the most part, stay firmly grounded in our most immediate default station.

We can train ourselves to be more aware of the signals around us by learning to shift our own awareness. People can do this actively through meditation. Practice it enough with meditation and you can do it at will throughout the day. Most of us do it automatically without even realizing it and we ignore the results. Some of us don’t ignore those results, and those tend to be the people who recognize they have a “gift.”

A gift that’s given to everyone is no longer a gift, it’s a birthright. It’s only a matter of whether or not one recognizes and uses it.

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