The Fundamental Energy Behind Manifestation

People often get confused when it comes to law of attraction because they take it too literally. They think that if someone is being mean to them, it must mean that they are mean, because like attracts like. But that’s not how it works.

Others will tell you that you attract what you already feel, energetically. “I’m feeling upset and sad so I’m attracting more things that will make me feel upset and sad.” That’s getting closer, but still a little bit too literal – and way too surface level.

Let’s take away the concept of “positive” and “negative” energy for a moment and just look at it as energy that is on the same frequency, whatever frequency that may be.

While it IS emotional energy that is attracting like energy, it’s a much deeper, more subconscious form of energy that resides in beliefs and attitudes that we hold… the most fundamental beliefs and attitudes that are the foundation of all of our other, more surface level beliefs and attitudes.

A lot of the time, we don’t even realize that we hold those beliefs and attitudes even though we play them out in a myriad of ways day in and day out.

For example – let’s say that deep down, you don’t feel worthy of love. That’s the most basic (negative) belief you hold about yourself and it’s the foundation of all kinds of other negative beliefs. Pretend that is the cornerstone, the first brick laid in the foundation of your ego.

The next brick that stems from not feeling worthy of love is, “I’m a bad person.” (i.e. I’m not worthy of love because I’m a bad person).

The next brick is, “I did something wrong.” (i.e. I did something wrong because I’m a bad person and that’s why I’m not worthy of love).

The next brick is, “This is my fault.” (This is my fault, I did something wrong because I’m a bad person and that’s why I’m not worthy of love).

You see, you begin to create a narrative – a personal story – out of these beliefs. But nobody really wants to think that they’re a bad person so they repress those thoughts. They push them out of their mind,but they still reside in their subconscious as beliefs. But now the person has begun to ignore it. We call this the shadow self.

When these thoughts and beliefs become repressed and we’re not aware of them, we begin to project. In this instance, it would come out as someone who feels like a victim all the time. The subconscious narrative of “this is my fault” turns into “Everybody blames me for everything.” This is so that the ego doesn’t have to bare the responsibility any longer (even though it’s the one holding the beliefs in the first place).

Now this person has this narrative of “everybody blames me for everything” that they repeat over and over, and at the root of it is the belief that they are somehow inherently flawed and they may even subconsciously feel responsible even when it’s not their fault!

So they keep attracting to themselves situations (and people) that match that victim energy. Every victim needs a perpetrator.

What’s interesting is that the perpetrator will often suffer from exactly the same subconscious beliefs, but they, too, project and instead of being the weaker of the two, their imbalance creates a dominating effect which they act out by not taking responsibility for their actions, and blaming the other person.

When we become self-aware, we can begin to recognize these narratives. When we start questioning the narrative and asking ourselves, “What’s behind this?” we start to get down to the foundation, brick by brick, until we reach the root of the belief. That’s where the foundation for Law of Attraction lives, as well as your most fundamental underlying fear.

When you change that fundamental belief into a positive one, that’s when you will begin to manifest new experiences that match that frequency.

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