What Constitutes a Soulmate? Some people say we each have a soulmate and they are “the one” for us. Other people say we have many soulmates, and still others say there is no such thing as a soulmate, for we are all soulmates.

So who’s definition is correct? 

As always, each of these ideas are merely single facets of a whole, viewed through differing perspectives. Each are correct and they are all correct, simultaneously, pertinent to the individual.

There are no steadfast rules to this concept. It’s all dependent upon what you want to gain from your experience.

A soulmate can be one or it can be many. It can be a romantic relationship or a family relationship or a close friendship.

Some of those soulmates will help you grow in positive ways through positive interactions and some of those soulmates will help you grow in positive ways through negative interactions. As such, you may not recognize them as a soulmate because you are looking only for the positive one(s).

What’s the Purpose of a Soulmate?

Unconditional love is the most powerful, transformative experience there is and that’s what soulmates help you learn – both for yourself and others. And they can do that in any capacity necessary and in any form of relationship.

As I mentioned above, they can be one, or they can be many. But when you meet them, you will recognize it because they will have the uncanny ability to reach through your ego, into the depths of your soul and make room for the light that’s already there to shine through, then they serve as your mirror  – reflecting back to you the wall that has been built around your true self, the wall that keeps your light from shining and keeps you from feeling theirs.

Your soulmate helps you tear down those walls so that more light can shine through.

Every relationship has the potential to do this, but it’s the “specialness” of this kind that gives it the advantage over the others.

Because of the specialness, it’s very hard to ignore. And it should be – you planned it that way.

It forces you to look at it and if you don’t, it will keep showing  up in your life over and over again until you do.

After your soulmate(s) has  taught you to love yourself unconditionally, and how to love them unconditionally, you begin to realize that they are a part of you. The love that flows out of you is reflected back to you, even though you have no expectation or need for it to be returned, and it’s all you see. It shapes your world. It becomes your world.
Then  you begin to work on loving everyone you meet in the same way.

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