Should Psychics and Healers Charge For Their Services?

This is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial topics in all of spirituality. I’ve seen it argued over and over in either direction.

One side believes that a persons’s “gifts” are gifts from God and that they should use them freely. Others argue that using such gifts creates an energetic exchange and as such, money is perfectly acceptable. “You don’t expect a doctor to just heal you for free, why would you expect a reiki practitioner to do so?”

Common sense tells us that people who expect something for nothing are, well, mooches. I tend to agree. Regardless, there is a solid answer to this question. The answer is that people should do whatever the fuck they want. If you want to charge… charge! If you don’t… then don’t. There are upsides and pitfalls with either way you go. Give stuff away for free, you’re going to attract energy vampires and people will attempt to take advantage of you. Charge for your services and people will complain. Such is life.

If you don’t think you should pay for a reading, then be prepared – the adage “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies to psychic readings.

About those “God given gifts…”

I do want to make one very bold rebuttal to the argument that psychics and healers were put here for this reason and they should be doing it for free. If you believe this, and this is, indeed, the case, then your argument is invalid. We all have psychic abilities and the capability to heal ourselves. So, if you think these things should be free and you don’t want to pay someone for them – then quit being lazy and go learn to do it yourself! But guess what… those classes are probably going to cost you some money.

Why it’s nearly impossible to do this on a mass scale for free – unless you’re independently wealthy…

In 2015, I spent precisely $996.27 of my own hard earned money to bring you In My Sacred Space. I collected approximately ZERO dollars for my effort. That’s just three dollars and some pocket change short of a grand.

Now, it’s true that some of that money was spent on Facebook and Pinterest advertising (around $300) that didn’t necessarily have to be spent… however, had I not spent it, some of you might not be here reading this right now.

The largest chunk – $500 – is just what it cost for me to design and maintain the blog itself. And I do all of my own graphic design because I build websites for a living – if I had paid a professional to design this site, it would have probably cost me $3,000 on the cheap side but if they knew what they were worth they wouldn’t have charged a penny less than $5,000.

Yeah, sure… I could have spent no money there and used some crappy template and left my blog looking less credible, but I’ve got standards, you know, and I like pretty things.

Another $225 included in that total went toward gifts for you, my dear subscribers.

I decided to do $10 single cared tarot readings to recoup some of the cash that I spend each year. In June of 2015, I gave away those types of tarot readings to new subscribers for the entire month. I ended up doing 76 readings in a 30 day period. It was exhausting – plus I was working full time! I was doing five readings per day to keep up which generally took me about two hours. If I had charged $10 for each of those, I still wouldn’t have made enough money to cover my expenses for the year and I’d still have been working my ass off.

I’ve met a few people who thought that this blog WAS my full time job. To that I say – I wish. 🙂 But alas, I work just like everyone else. So now you understand the amount of time and effort – my FREE time – that I put into this.

The Energy Exchange

This time last year I was also the admin and moderator (and many times, mediator) for a Facebook group of nearly 4,000 people. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to have ten different people messaging me in a single day asking for help or advice. And I responded to all of them… for free. But it got to be too much. The more people you help, the more people want help. Particularly when it’s free. And I was giving too much of myself.

I’m sure that many people who have begun their psychic careers giving free readings and later started charging can also tell you about how draining it can get. And frankly, when people are doing mass readings and healings like that, I question the quality of what they’re able to give for that exact same reason.

We’re a conduit, and when we get tired, sick, or stressed, that affects what comes through us. And if someone isn’t willing to pay for a service, that more or less means they’re wanting to take something with no intention of giving in return and that becomes a part of the energetic relationship that you have with them. We call those energy vampires for a reason.

If a service provider gives anything for free, it should be at their own discretion and they need to be mindful of their own energy.



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