Healing Will Not Make You Wealthy

Have you noticed how many business coaches are now selling “healing” as an avenue for manifestation, enlightenment, and business success?

I used to be a c-level business consultant for tech startups. I can tell you that yes, it’s true that a good portion of many a startup’s demise can be directly connected to its CEO’s own toxicity and unhealed trauma, manifesting as control issues and survival-fear-driven business decisions.

Having worked under five narcissistic, megalomaniac CEOs at companies making millions of dollars, I can also tell you that unhealed trauma and toxicity doesn’t necessarily stop anyone from achieving market dominance. Look no further than every successful silicon valley tech company with a toxic work culture to prove that point.

For many of them, it’s precisely that trauma that enabled their success: their fear of failure and desire for approval outweighed their compassion and moral compass, and they engaged in as many toxic business practices as were necessary to achieve their single-minded desire. Hell, I listened to Jesse Itzler (founder of a private jet company later sold to NetJets) stand on a stage at a “greatness” conference and proudly talk about how he outright lied to people to get famous clients on board.

The truth is, a viable product and business model is what’s necessary for a business to achieve success. How “healed” its leadership team is just determines how rough (or not) the ride is. No amount of positive thinking and shallow personal “healing” will change the fact that your business model contributes to systemic oppression, elitism, and wealth inequality.

If you have truly healed, you’ll have examined where your desperate desire for validation through status and material success comes from, and you won’t be engaging in toxic business practices that harm people.

So the fact that business coaches are using the word “healing” in the same breath as “seven-figure income” is both contradictory and blasphemous.

It’s a fucking gimmick, guys. They can’t heal you. They haven’t even healed themselves. If they had, they wouldn’t be selling what they’re selling.

Real healing will not make you wealthy. It will change how you perceive wealth.



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  1. The unexplained physical symptoms are much too familiar to me. The only difference mine are the cause of forgiveness. I’ve been going through my own awakening and I can’t seem to move past forgiveness. Every time I do my own angel reading, its the theme of my reading. I too dont know how to move past this. I feel your frustration!! Sending you lots of healing and blissful energy! Namaste

    • Oh, forgiveness is a theme in there, too. I just posted in my facebook group about it yesterday – whether or not people thought it was possible to forgive someone on a soul level without being able to get closure in the physical.

      You should check it out if you’re not in there already!

  2. Ashley, I don’t know what to say except sending you lots of hugs and hopes that things will settle down. Ex’s family cutting you off strikes me as so mean-spirited and petty, on top of everything else. That would really pull the rug out from under your feet, just when you were hoping for some understanding. Hopefully the acupuncture will help some. And may you find other things too that help your body heal from this. Love your writing!

    • I understand it. Their allegiance is to him, and while we had as amicable of a separation as one could probably hope for, they probably feel like I was abandoning him. It doesn’t make it any easier.

      Thank you for reading 🙂


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