I’m Coming Out of Retirement

Well hello, friends. It’s been a long time.

Given the state of affairs in the world today (global pandemic and crumbling economic system), it would seem the universe is putting out the call to lightworkers: All hands on deck. This is the moment you’ve been preparing for. So, here I am. Springing out of retirement to hold the lines.

In my very last post–almost a year ago now–I vehemently raged against the commercialization of spirituality and how many “coaches” had hijacked it and exploited it for financial gain, and that I refused to be a part of this movement if that’s what it was coming to. Fast forward about a year…enter global pandemic and worldwide financial and economic collapse.

Suddenly, over the course of two weeks, your bright career of instagram influencer-turned-millionaire business coach who charges $5,000 per program doesn’t mean jack shit. A good chunk of your millions went down the drain when the stock market crashed, and you’re having to improvise your instagram selfies because you can no longer hire professional photographers to take pictures of your ass in a thong while hanging out on the beach because of your entire state’s shelter-in-place order. And nobody’s buying your over-priced, culturally-appropriated branded home decor because everyone has more important things to worry about.

Now, more than ever, you are just like everyone else on this planet: filled with uncertainty about the future and susceptible to a disease that makes no distinctions between rich and poor, famous and faceless.

The universe has a funny sense of humor, eh?

By now, many of you may know that current events were predicted by astrologers. My friend and professional astrologer Susan Grace has been speaking of a global collapse that would begin in December of 2019 for four or five years now, and here we are.

Astrologers knew this collapse was coming because of the approaching conjunction between Pluto and Saturn in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn–an astrological combination that hasn’t occurred since 1518, the height of disease, pestilence, famine, and mass hysteria which included witch trials and the Inquisition.

Archetypally, Pluto is the planet of death and resurrection–total transformation. Capricorn is the sign of authority figures, systems, and institutions of authority (governments, government officials, financial institutions, CEOs and corporations, etc.). Saturn rules Capricorn so its themes are very similar, except at the planetary level, it brings tests and challenges. The combination of Saturn and Pluto destroys what cannot stand the test for the purpose of rebuilding something better in its place.

Here’s a couple of great astrology articles about what all of this means:

Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2020 | Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

We are seeing all of this happening right now before our very eyes.

While astrology can’t predict the specific mechanism through which an event will occur, it can predict the general themes of the time. And a global pandemic tied to the planet of death and resurrection is pretty damn fitting.

It’s important to remember that every sign/planet/archetype is dualistic, meaning it has both a positive side and a shadow side, even if the planet in question is considered a malefic (meaning negative). Death’s silver lining is complete transformation and freedom from that which has held us back.

Pluto spends about 30 years in each sign, so it’s been in Capricorn for a while now, exposing secrets, lies, and corruption, and systematically dismantling patriarchy. Saturn’s conjunction here with it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s taking a jackhammer to any structure whose foundation has already cracked and made unstable by Pluto’s presence. This is the crumbling. What these two planets tear down now, they will rebuild as they move through Aquarius. Saturn will be there for two and a half years laying the foundation, and then Pluto will slowly pass through for another 30-year transit.

Aquarius rules groups, communities, technology, communication, and it’s the sign of the humanitarian. The world is about to change drastically over the next 35-40 years, and evolve toward a more community-focused system that operates for the good of the whole instead of a me-first attitude. Right now, we’re demolishing the old. Things are going to look ugly for a bit. But have faith that soon, we’re going to be rebuilding something shiny, new, and much more beautiful in its place.

Have faith that humanity will get trough this. I won’t say that it won’t be painful, as that’s the nature of Pluto–but only if you cling to that which is being destroyed. The old ways of living–competition, war, hoarding, selfishness, greed, and all things that spring from it, like capitalism, poverty, wage gaps, racism, misogyny–will be going the way of the dinosaurs. It can no longer survive where we are going.

Embrace the change as best you can, know that something better is coming, and you’ll ride the wave right into the Age of Aquarius.

Thanks for being here,



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