Guest Blog: Energy Healing 101

This is a milestone for In My Sacred Space. It’s my 100th post (and it hasn’t even been a year just yet!). I started this blog last summer and it’s one year anniversary is coming up pretty quickly. It’s grown so much in such a short time! I don’t know what I imagined it would be, but I never thought hundreds of people would care to listen to what I have to say on a regular basis. 🙂

Today, my friend Tara Olowoye of Crystalline Dreams. is going to talk a little bit about energy healing. Tara and I participated in a little distance healing experiment a few weeks ago that you might be interested in reading about over on her blog once you’re done with this one.

In case you are unfamiliar, the type of energy healing that Tara does can be done from a distance anywhere in the world, and be just as effective if she were right there in the room with you. 

Energy Healing 101
by Tara Olowoye

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that, “Energy can be neither created or destroyed; it can only transform from one form to another.”

Energy is usable power.

Healing is simply remembering who we are and where we come from…remembering our Divinity.
So energy healing, then, is working with the body’s energy field to help it remember its Divinity. Sometimes, this can bring about deep physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healing.

Types of Energy Healing

Energy healing comes in multiple forms; the two I work with are Reiki and Crystal Healing. Reiki is an ancient form of healing where the practitioner channels healing energy through her/his crown chakra and down through the arms and hands, placing the hands on or just above the recipient’s body. Often, the recipient will feel the practitioner’s hands turn very warm.

Crystal Healing is working with gemstones or crystals (I use the terms interchangeably) for the same purpose: to bring about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Crystals are a Mother Earth-created, all natural way to work with our bodies. With no side effects and different ways of using them, crystals are a perfect addition to any wellness regimen.

How do crystals work?

Each stone carries a particular vibration, just as the energies in and around the body carry vibrations. Crystals resonate with those energies and help balance them. I often use the chakra system and its colors to determine what needs to be used where. For example, if someone has a sore throat, I will find a light blue, calming stone such as Angelite or Blue Lace Agate to place on the throat.

When I work on a client, I use both Reiki and crystals to help her/him transform stagnant energy into well-being. Clients have seen a reduction in headaches, better sleep, and more overall happiness. They also report that, during our sessions, they feel energy moving through them, whether it be waves of warmth coursing through their bodies, a feeling of being levitated, seeing images, colors, or deceased loved ones, or feeling their bodies spin in circles.

In our work, my clients and I do not create or destroy energy, we merely transform it for their well-being and helping them to remember their Divinity–and I often learn something new in the process, too!

Tara Olowoye is a wife, mother, healer and the Owner of Crystalline Dreams. She uses a unique combination of Reiki and crystal healing to help clients with various issues, including insomnia, stress, and general mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Tara earned a certificate in Intuitive Wellness from the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, Vermont, in 2013. For more information about Tara and her work, visit

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