Why I Never Was A Lightworker

Someone made a reference to me a couple of weeks ago as a lightworker.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s one of those that’s thrown around rather frequently in new age circles.

“A light worker is someone who wants to see healing in the world on a large scale, considers themselves able to detect subtle healing energy, and has had some kind of a mystical awakening in their lives, be it current or a past life.”

A lot of people who read this probably won’t like what I’m about to say, but to me, the entire concept is bunk. It’s just a label. And many times I see people using it as a way to inflate their ego and set themselves apart from others, or they took a quiz on the internet that told them they were even though the “signs” are so vague they could literally apply to billions of people.

Actually, it probably should apply to billions of people. Seven billion, to be precise.

Because everyone is a lightworker. Every. Single. Person.

Don’t we all want to see healing in the world on a large scale? I’ve never met a single person who said, “You know? I think the world is just fine the way it is.” The real question is, what does that healing look like to you and how do we achieve it? Everyone has different ideas and not all of them are in agreement. Some of them are downright diametrically opposed.

A lightworker considers themselves able to detect subtle healing energy? I can detect subtle energy, healing or not. So can you. It’s how you’re built. In fact, you do it so often and so frequently that you probably barely even notice that you do it.

A lightworker has had some kind of a mystical awakening in their lives, be it current or a past life. Well, since there’s no such thing as time and all of our lives exist simultaneously and the entire purpose of our existence is to “awaken” then we’ve, quite literally, all had that mystical awakening in either a past, current or future life.

Nobody is special, or else, we all are, because we’re one. We all incarnated here with the expressed purpose of addressing our own karma. When we (all) heal ourselves, we heal the world. Some people may have even incarnated here to serve as a negative catalyst for that healing by embodying and mirroring all that is wrong with the world. To quote Conversations with God, “Hitler went to Heaven.”

Before anyone jumps on a “How dare you insinuate Hitler was a good person” bandwagon, in spirituality we do not believe in a God who rewards and punishes people based on their deeds, nor an afterlife that is based on reward or punishment for those deeds. We view the afterlife as a law of nature of which every being is equally subject.

No one is disputing that Hitler did horrible things, we dispute the contradictory notion that an alleged perfect, unconditionally loving God creates evil people and then punishes those creations for being what he created them to be. A truly unconditionally loving God creates beings, gives them free will (or maybe not, that’s debatable), and loves them regardless of how they wield it. The responsibility for the consequences of that free will is resolved through the process of karma.

If I had to call myself anything, I’d say I work more with the shadows than the light. I encourage people to look at the darkest, ugliest parts of themselves and realize that it’s all an illusion. A belief. An idea in your head. Your greatest fear. It’s all the things that are holding you back. I encourage people to run toward it, not away from it. Dive into it, explore it, understand it, and then integrate it.

So no, I do not identify as a lightworker. I never have. You know, unless it’s just what you want to call yourself…but I’m not really into labels.

We’re all just here, doing what we came here to do in our own unique way.

Thanks for being here,



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