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Ash Talks LGBTQ Spirituality and Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet with The Big Seance

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with with Slade Roberson (of the Shift Your Spirits Podcast) and Patrick Keller (of The Big Seance Podcast) and we had a three-way “triangle table” discussion on LGBTQ spirituality, coming out of the (spiritual) closet and how to make spirituality more accessible to the elusive straight male.

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Guest Blog: Energy Healing 101

Guest Blog: Energy Healing 101

Today, my friend Tara Olowoye of Introspection D.C. (based in Washington D.C., duh) is going to talk a little bit about energy healing. Tara and I participated in a little distance healing experiment a few weeks ago that you might be interested in reading about over on her blog once you’re done with this one.

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